Wednesday, April 27


Inspired by Jody Pearl I have taken a simple straight black skirt, op shopped of course and added a panel.

And made it reversible.
I added a couple of darts to the top of the panel for 'easment' around the waist.

It buttons on with 3 buttons around the top.
It's like having 2 different skirts, I could make another panel and have 4 skirts!


Loving the wired bird cages, I can see yet another obsession, oh I mean collection starting.
Image from here.

Monday, April 25


Do you remember going on a picnic as a kid and this would always be in the glove box of the car, before cans had ring pulls.

Yes a set of aluminum travelling cups.
I have no idea how or why but the drinks always tasted cold and really good.

In another oppie I spyed this bowl for $1, do I really need another bowl?

When I picked it up and turned it over, yes I definitely need this one.
For more treasure pop over to Sophie's.

Wednesday, April 20

Monday, April 18

Afternoon Tea

Yesterday afternoon was so lovely we took ourselves out to afternoon tea.
The apple cake was delicious. 

All the more special with a real teapot and tea cups.

Sunday, April 17

Thrifted and Gifted

My new bag or suitcase as I refer to it.
All the pieces that make this bag were either op shopped or presents.
Pop over to Sophies for more treasure.

Saturday, April 16

A Good Fossick

Recently I was asked about a "good spot for fishing", "I don't fish" I replied, "but what about your hunter, gatherer instincts", "that's why we have supermarkets".

I explained that I am a fossicker, I fossick at the op shops, the beach and in the garden.
I may go hungry but I'll have pretty china and flowers.

Monday, April 11


I love peeking into other peoples gardens, seeing what and how they grow their plants.

With a splash of colour.

I love pottering in the garden and never seem to spend as much time out there as I would like.
 I am one of those who throw plants in anywhere and they are generally left to their own devices, for this reason I don't spend a lot of money on plants and much prefer the "borrow a cutting" method.
To everyone's delight I didn't "permanently borrow" anything from this garden.

Sunday, April 10

Today's Flea Market Find is a 1950's fibro shack that serves breakfast.
It's an eclectic mix of the 50's, 60's and 70's, just like a shack should be, tea and coffee in tea cups, the cutlery doesn't match and it's all so much fun.

The blinds are drawn for autumn and crocheted granny rugs are provided if it's a bit chilly.
This couple have been op shopping for years.


Finally after weeks of waiting we had breakfast at Blackrock this morning.
Blackrock is a shack on the beach front, a windy potholed dirt road is the way in and it's surrounded by farmland.
Breakfast is served 3 Sundays a month and they close for winter.  

Eggs Benedict was worth the wait.

Pink Fizz, yum.

The best was having pudding on a Sunday morning. 
Toffeed quince and chocolate pear, Pat the Christmas Bear has just returned from Germany and he loved the desserts. 

Friday, April 8

It's a balmy evening here tonight and although it's windy this little gecko is having a great time inside the solar light. 

Thursday, April 7

Wednesday, April 6

Monday, April 4


What happen to summer?
Day light saving has just finished in South Australia and although I'm not too keen about getting up in the dark I like the daylight at the end of the day.
Yes we had some lovely days but there was alot of wind around this summer and a windy day at the beach isn't much fun.
It's now April and the nights are chilly but hopefully Easter Bunny isn't too far away.

Friday, April 1

Pink Baby

A group of us from work have been invited to a baby shower.
As the couple already know they are having a girl I have made us "baby pink headbands" to wear.