Thursday, January 29

We have been adopted

We have been feeding this little girl for about 12 months,  since her dear old owner went into a nursing home. 
She has been very shy around us until a couple of weeks ago. we are now allowed small pats especially when holding the biscuit box. 
We have no idea how old she is and think her name was Blackie. I have named her Miss Gladdie after her owner, she doesn't seem to mind, perhaps that's because I have thumbs.  

Monday, January 26


Happy New Year
Happy Australia Day

Seems like only a second ago we were celebrating Christmas and now another celebration,
I'm glad I live in the lucky country.

Street Art

We had a lovely wander around Port Adelaide and checked out these murals.
It's a first for South Australia,  Wonderwalls Festival has been in Wollongong for 2 years.