Monday, November 30

Our little shop front at Semaphore.
In between chatting with lovely people we spent our time catching our treasures and holding down our tent, thanks to the howling gale.
The organisers of The Semaphore Street Party did a fantastic job.
If you missed it put it on your calender for next year.


Early Sunday morning I packed up the car in the pouring rain but 2 hours away in Semaphore the sun shone brightly.
Despite the howling wind people crowded Semaphore Road for the street party.
I had a fantastic day, lots of lovely friends and a very festive vibe.

Thursday, November 26

Semaphore Street Party

I am off to spend Sunday at the Semaphore Street Party with my delightful young friend again. Semaphore Road will be closed to all traffic on Sunday with a Christmas market, bands and performers.
Not only have I been busy making goodies for the market, I have also made the packaging.
Pretty pages from magazines have been stitched together and I've added a ribbon handle.
If you are in the area come along and say Hello and do a spot of Christmas shopping.
"In this age of mass production there is nothing like giving a gift that has handmade warmth and individuality".

Thank you to everyone who entered my give away.
The winner is Kath.

Sunday, November 22

Beach Shacks

Once our coast lines were dotted with these humble fibro shacks, unfortunately they are disappearing in favour of the "mac mansions".
As kids mum and dad used to rent an old shack for 2 weeks in January while learn to swim was on. We had a great time, the beds all sagged, nothing matched, no one complained about the sand inside and we ate loads of fish and chips. Mum always said it wasn't a holiday if she still had to cook.
It's sad to think that in years to come our children will never know the joy of the humble fibro shack where nothing matched and time stood still.
We have survived our first heatwave here but I am sure there are more to come.

Monday, November 16

Give Away

Everyone loves getting mail, especially presents.
It's time for another give away.
Just leave me a comment or email me,
Someone will receive this wired button and bead bracelet plus a few extra surprise goodies.
I'll announce the winner next Thursday 26th of November.
Good Luck.

Saturday, November 14

Hangin' Out

With the heat wave here in south oz we've been down to the beach most evenings.
Here we can drive the car onto the beach, out with the decks chairs and watch the sun sink.

Watch the tug boat go by.

Dream of the spring we missed out on.

Tuesday, November 3


What to do when one of your besties wants a picnic for her birthday and it's 37 degrees outside?
You have it in her dinning room of course!
We had a lovely day yesterday sharing our picnic lunch and catching up on all the news.
The Semaphore market on Sunday was fabulous, had a great day. Alas I forgot the camera but I will remember next time.