Saturday, June 27

Like Topsy

the stack of granny squares continue to grow.
Picked up in my travels this week a pretty pink cup and saucer.
The sun is shining this afternoon, I've been out in the garden discovering new bulbs just emerging. As they all look the same to me I will have to wait until they flower to see what they are.

Friday, June 26

Brown paper packages

tied up with string,
these are a few of my favourite things.

The lovely Christina sent me this Australian tin.

I shall pass it along to the art department, I'm sure they will be delighted.
Thank you.

Monday, June 22

Mad Monday

Spent most of the weekend in the garden rediscovering plants hidden by weeds.
Mondays always seem to be busy, just like the bee.

Saturday, June 20


I have a friend who collects Australian Tea Towels.
I found this one in my op shop travels "Greetings from Port Wakefield" South Australia ~ Made in Romania!

This weeks mission should I choose to accept it ~ the art department has issued the challenge to find tins depicting gum leaves and gum trees.

Thursday, June 18

The Three Bags

South Australia has banned the plastic bag except for the thick plastic bags you can now buy for 20 cents each that look like they will never break down.
I decided to make a bag that was similar to the plastic bag but made from fabric.
How hard could it be? I used to sew my own clothes and designed cloth dolls for years. Besides a girl friend was having a birthday and this would be a great present.
So I sallied forth with pen, paper, scissors, fabric and a picture in my head.
The first bag was too small and "could do better" appeared on my report card!
Back to the drawing board more paper was stuck to the first pattern and away I went again. The second bag was too big and would need to be packed and unpacked in the car!
Maybe it could be an over night bag?

I cut down the pattern again!
The third bag was just right.
My girl friend received a set of "nesting bags" for her birthday.
She loves her nesting bags and tells everyone the fairy tale of the three bags!

Sunday, June 14

Sneek Peek

The June issue of The Chocolate Crow Trader will be up tomorrow.
Inspired by collecting vintage doilies for a friends art installation I have also added to my collection.
For this journal cover I have used doilies, lace and fabric.
The covers are A5 size and removable.
I have included a visual arts diary with blank acid free pages.

This journal features photographs printed onto calico.
I love journals, it's great to look back and remember.

Too much of our "snail mail" is just bills, why not surprise a friend with a card in their letter box.

As always Mogs Designs are one of a kind.

Hope you are staying warm on this cold, wet Sunday.

Friday, June 12


Balaklava is a small town on the edge of the Adelaide Plains about 1 hours drive each for 3 friends to meet for lunch.
We had a lovely wander around town with a visit to "The Daisy Patch" craft shop, where I bought myself a couple of presents.
The op shop was a treasure trove of buttons and trims.

The brightly coloured poinsettia added colour to the grey day.

The goat was in a back yard as we strolled around.

Over the fence again.

Arriving home I found this lovely selection of wine from "Starkers" on my door step.
The shiraz will be lovely with dinner.
Hope everyone had a lovely Friday,
Enjoy the weekend.

Thursday, June 11


Treasure gleaned while out and about this week.
I love enamel bowls, this one isn't old but I couldn't resist it.
The triangular bowl adds a bit of colour.
A funky purple tea canister, I wonder what others were in the set and the colours they were?
No wonder our shed and home is full when "someone" can't resist collecting more treasure!

Saturday, June 6


Treasure from my Barossa day out.
Chai tea, buttons, you can never have too many.
The Highroads Dictionary, hasn't helped with my spelling and I wonder about the Lowroads Dictionary.
Pretty blue bowl, lace and some brass safety pins.

This morning at the bottom of our garden I discovered a "fairy ring" of toad stools.

Thursday, June 4

Day Out

Lunch, coffee, op shopping with a girl friend, what could be better.

Wednesday I headed over to the Barossa Valley to do just that! It's so beautiful this time of year.

One of the oppies we visited had set tables of coloured china, I asked the op shop lady if I could photograph them, she beamed brightly as she explained she had set the tables.

We lunched at Blonde in Angaston, fabulous coffee, great food and the best company.

There were lots of different little toad stools growing just off the road way unfortunately while trying not to get run over we got the giggles and this is the only picture that turned out!

Thank you for a wonderful day


Wednesday, June 3