Monday, March 28


This is our witches paint brush, well that's what we know it as anyway.
It has one flower once a year around this time and only lasts several days.
Then 2 long strap like leaves appear.

I spend yesterday afternoon in the garden enjoying the sunshine before it disappears. 

Sunday, March 27


The Semaphore Market was lovely, I chatted with lots of people and had fun.

This was only their second market and it has a lovely vibe the hall was filled with loads of handmades.
I look forward to the next one.

Sorry about the photos, I have no idea why they haven't shown up on this post.

Thursday, March 24

Semaphore Road Markets

If you happen to be in Semaphore on Saturday pop into the Masonic Hall on Semaphore Road and say Hello.

Monday, March 21


Where the path leeds,

What's over the hill? 

Sunday, March 20



I "helped" make this cake, mmmm prehaps "helped" isn't the right word, I managed to burn the chocolate and eat far too much!

Thursday, March 17

Tuesday, March 15


Well not quite but the peacocks certainly sound like a herd of something blundering around.
The Jets seem to think they are half the size they really are and squash themselves in the plants.

They are not terribly graceful either so there are squawks and crashes as they move around.
It's becoming hard to tell which one is Penny.

Finally back home to roost for the night.

Monday, March 14

What lies beyond those doors?
Aren't they fabulous, of course I wouldn't like to have to open them everyday.

Monday, March 7


This sweet little gladi has popped up this week, we have been here for 3 years and this is it's first appearance.

The sweetcorn grows like topsy, it's been an amazing plant to watch grow.

Yes I'm sure the neighbours think they live next door to a complete nutter, not only do I sing but I dance as well! Rest assured I wont give up my day job.

I've finally finished my 80's party outfit, a bit of sparkly gold braid added to the jacket, I went with my friend Kath's motto, "You can never have enough Glitter!".

I also decided to add extra frills to the shirt, I'm sure Adam Ant would approve!

We still have a couple of weeks before the party and usually I'm stitching at the last minute but for a change I am organised!

Tuesday, March 1


A hurried photo of Penny and the Jets this morning as I dashed out the door.
The Jets are growing but are still easily distracted and our neighbour has named them, Enie, Meanie Minie and Moe!
Penny and the Jets have been spotted across town at the hospital, apparently they can open the automatic door and go visiting. Another country hospital several hours south have disconnected their automatic doors as brown snakes were visiting, not good for the heart patients!