Monday, May 19

Garden Girl

                    Inspired by Cleo Mussi, I've been breaking plates and creating this girl.   

A few finishing touches and she can enjoy the garden.

Friday, May 16


Well it's been a while since I popped in here, time is just flying by.

Last weekend I spent with my besties in the beautiful Clare Valley. Kath doesn't own any cows but we woke up Sunday morning to discover 8 cows circling the house.
Apparently they liked the look of the property so pushed their way through the fence and came to say Hello!

We did manage a little sewing in between laughing, eating and drinking.
Sue drafted this pattern for me and told me to add 5 mm to each pattern piece, there were supposed to be 7 pieces to this vest but unfortunately I have a slight problem of some sort, measuring maybe, and ended up with the vest being way to big and had to remove two panels completely!

I cut the vest from a boiled wool jacket and finished the neck edge with a felted jumper band.
Sue made a little felted broach to cover my bad stitching and finish the vest off.

The studio cat did his best to help out!
I had a great weekend, Thank you.