Sunday, February 19

A Stroll

The overall picture is brown and green but upon closer inspection there are snippets of colour tucked away.

Flea Market Finds

My heart skipped a beat this week in the oppie when I opened this lovely tin and discovered what was hiding inside.

Lovely buttons, some vintage and some new.
I was like the kiddie in the lolly shop, silently hopping from foot to foot!
The Button Fairy must be around at the moment because Sue has had some great finds also.
More treasure to be found over here. 

Sunday, February 12

JaM - A is for Announcements, Adventures And A giveAway

Joining in very late with Jodie meme.

This has been a week of internet connection woes, apparently bigger "towers" needed to be installed which affected everyone even if you weren't with that company! 

Anyway back to JaM,  my announcement and adventure;
I'm off to the the Kooky Kidz Market in April, should be fun, now I just need to get busy and make some goodies.  

Monday, February 6

Flea Market Finds

It's been a while since I joined in Flea Market Finds, not I haven't collected any treasure, I rarely walk out empty handed.
I love buttons and just can't get enough of them. 

This funny little glass bowl was only 50cents.
Pop over to Sophie's to see other treasures. 

Saturday, February 4

My Place and Yours

Today's theme is "outside".
It's a humid day and trying to rain so this is outside my kitchen window.

We live in a small cottage with close neighbours on either side and long skinny blocks, sometimes it's a bit like caravan park living.
Pop over to Vics and see what else is outside.

Thursday, February 2


Where do you drink your tea is this week's jam 

I love to sit outside and watch the world go by under the frangipani tree.

This is my favourite mug at the moment filled with French Earl Grey.

This is my other spot outside depends on the weather.

Pop over to Jody's and see where others drink their tea.