Saturday, October 27


This weeks finds were very slim, but I do love this old jug and perfect for flowers.

Yes another tea pot

Sadly the op shops don't seem as much fun as they used to, a couple of dollars doesn't seem to buy much these days if anything at all.
 Perhaps I am getting old and grumpy!

Joining Sue this week, see what's taken over home! 

Wednesday, October 24

Happy Wednesday

A hug from a friend
A walk in a rose garden
A drive through the country

Saturday, October 20


Tea pot heaven this week.
Joining in with Sue, pop over and enjoy her adventures at the oppie this week

Thursday, October 18

Sometimes you just need to enjoy the ride.

Tuesday, October 16


This rather large coffee pot has made it into my collection this week.
I'm sure once it was full it would take 2 of you to pour it as it's heavy even when it's empty.

Joining Sue and Thrift-a-long, what treasure have you found this week? 

Sunday, October 7


I bought this dress at the oppie and although it was a tad large I loved the fabric and besides I'm dreaming of warmer weather.

The lace table cloth was a wedding present.... lace table cloths and place mats seemed to be the "in thing" way back then.

Joining Sue and waiting for some warm weather!

Wednesday, October 3

Perfect Day

For a walk and a fossick on the beach.

Monday, October 1