Sunday, April 25

Flea Market Finds

Great excitment rang through out the land as I found my box of aluminumn tea pots in the shed.
Of course it was almost the last box and right down the bottom.


These have been collected from the oppies over several years and have been hiding in various sheds for at least 5 years. A bit like Christmas really opening a box and wondering whats really in there.
Pop over to Sophies for more Flea Market Treasure. 
These aren't recent finds but with a shed full of treasure it's really hard to add any more treasure. 


I've been busy making "party bunting" in "high tea" colours with snipets of lace and doilies, and just for Kath there is a little bit of sparkle too.


Friday, April 23


How exciting a 21st Birthday Party, themed with a vintage high tea combined with Alice!
Sue and her daughters made these fabulous invites.
I have trawled the oppies in search of an outfit and with a bit of stitching I will have a vintage look frock.

A crocheted flower garland for the high tea party.
There has to be decorations and we have also been collecting "tea" themed treasure.
Apparently there will be games and prizes.


I thought I would leave you with this flower as this post seems to be "pink themed".

Sunday, April 18

A stroll along the beach with a beautiful sunset.
Perfect way to end a busy weekend.

Wednesday, April 14

It's a hard life!

but some one has to do it!
I spent a wonderful day yesterday with my best buddies having a long lunch in the Clare Valley.


Of course no matter how many hours we have there are never enough.
Thank you both for a fabulous day.

Sunday, April 11

A Wedding

We had a fabulous day attending my cousins wedding even through there was a slight hicup as we arrived at the wrong church and the wrong wedding. Several phone calls and some very helpful people we arrived at the right church just before the bride.

The bride looked radiant,

and bubbles are the new confetti.

It's always wonderful to catch up with family and friends for a happy occasion.

Tuesday, April 6

Very Helpful

These are painted on every street corner in Sydney's CBD, left or right depending on which way the traffic is going.
Fabulous for someone who always confuses their left and right. 

Sunday, April 4

Flea Market Finds

This weeks Flea market Finds were rather light on except for these beautiful old buttons.
They are a rose pink and the best thing, irons cannot hurt them! Of course I have no intention of harming them in any way.
Pop over to Sophie's and see more treasures.
Hope everyone is having a lovely Easter.