Sunday, July 31


It's last day of July and another beautiful day with plenty of sunshine.

Usually this time of year our garden doesn't have alot of colour, but today I noticed orange out there in the sunshine.

I have also noticed the days are getting slightly longer, yippeee!

Saturday, July 30

There are blossoms to make us happy because spring is on it's way.

Blossoms that will make us sneeze, Jasmine,

and pretty blossoms to make us smile.


Although I could have done a million things inside today it was too lovely in the sunshine.

I spent the day in the garden with the bees and butterflies.

Thursday, July 28


You just need to sit for a spell, relax and watch the world go by.
The beach is the perfect place.

Monday, July 25


Christmas in July.

Hot spiced apple cider warmed the inside while a rendition or 2 of "We wish you a Merry Christmas" warmed the outside. Cheers!

Sunday, July 24


A lovely beach walk,


and wild flowers.

Tuesday, July 19

Postal Goodness

More goodies from the Postie.
SALA invites, can't wait I know these gals are very busy.

From Kelly a great read, Thank you.

It's so nice to get something in the post other than bills. 

Sunday, July 17

Flea Market Finds

My Flea Market Find this week arrived in my letterbox, thanks to Miss Kath Pathwalker and Sue.
They had been on a little op shop jaunt and shared their treasure.

It's a fabulous vintage tea cloth, depicting a picnic scene in the centre and in each corner another scene, this one is hunting, there are also golfers, picnicers and shooting.  

The colours are fabulous and it's in great condition.
For more treasure hunters pop over to Sophies.

Thursday, July 14

Monday, July 11

Flea Market Finds

This weeks find is so exciting I had to suppress a squeal of delight.
For Christmas my Besties gave me a green Johnson Bros dinner set complete with 6 of everything. Six is a great number except if you happen to break a dinner plate and these are always the hardest to find. 

So when I saw 4 dinner plates for 20 cents each I could hardly contain myself, I even got out my glasses to double check the price!

I have no idea what other delights the op shop had as I was so eager to escape with the plates!
For more treasure and maybe even a little squeal head over to Sophies


My new sewing machine and I whipped up the "Piece of Cake Dress" on the weekend.
I still have to take up the hem, it's a great pattern and really easy to follow.
Thanks Jody. 

Saturday, July 9

Sewing Again

Finally my new sewing machine has arrived, living in the country often means you just can't have it today.
Somehow I managed to wear out my Singer which was only 25 years old, I know that's probably quite old for a mechanical item especially the millions of miles we have sewn together.

Now I have a Janome and most importantly with a top loading bobbin and to my delight while I was reading the instructions, it has a needle threader!
Now I can finish the dress I started last week.