Friday, March 27

Flying Solo

I am about to have my first solo exhibition at Q Gallery.

Tuesday, March 24

Local Art

A few weeks ago this artwork appeared on the salt pans and made us stop and smile and take photos.

A few days ago this girl appeared out there, complete with snorkel and googles
 and together 

they make up this fabulous scene.

Love guerrilla art.

Friday, March 13

New Girl

Must be all the grout dust!

Blue Bird

Saturday, February 21


Treasure waiting to be finished 

treasure waiting to be used.

Too Hot

When it's too hot I just feel like doing this!

Thursday, January 29

We have been adopted

We have been feeding this little girl for about 12 months,  since her dear old owner went into a nursing home. 
She has been very shy around us until a couple of weeks ago. we are now allowed small pats especially when holding the biscuit box. 
We have no idea how old she is and think her name was Blackie. I have named her Miss Gladdie after her owner, she doesn't seem to mind, perhaps that's because I have thumbs.  

Monday, January 26


Happy New Year
Happy Australia Day

Seems like only a second ago we were celebrating Christmas and now another celebration,
I'm glad I live in the lucky country.