Monday, January 26


Happy New Year
Happy Australia Day

Seems like only a second ago we were celebrating Christmas and now another celebration,
I'm glad I live in the lucky country.

Street Art

We had a lovely wander around Port Adelaide and checked out these murals.
It's a first for South Australia,  Wonderwalls Festival has been in Wollongong for 2 years.

Tuesday, December 9



Sunday, November 30

New Girls

Lady Wordsmith

Lady Tea Bird

Enjoying some time down south at Q Gallery.

Wednesday, November 12


Treasure hunting on the weekend.

It's a bit creepy.

Sunday, November 2

In The Garden

"London Calling"
Finally finished and planted in the garden.
Nutkins looks rather happy.  

Friday, October 31

Happy Friday

The mushroom is still outside and the cat loves it.