Thursday, February 2

Friday, January 27

Sculptures By The Sea

It's that time of year again, it comes around quickly.
Brighton Sculptures By The Sea

I love that someone was thoughtful enough to put the broken beach umbrella in the rubbish bin as some of the art is made from beach rubbish.

Take it or Leave it
Made from beach rubbish

Who let the dogs out
These dogs are made from rubber boots that would other wise end up in land fill.

Time Frame
Another fabulous recycled art piece

Thursday, November 17


Excited to be part of Art Images Gallery Christmas Exhibition again this year.

Wednesday, October 26

Mini Break

Fabulous Melbourne 
A quick and always inspiring visit

Sunday, September 11

Sunday, August 21


South Australian Living Artists
until the end of August

Monday, July 18

SALA 2016

Another year has wizzed by and SALA is here.
South Australian Living Artists is on and around South Australia for the month of August lots of fabulous art to see.
Support living artists the dead don't need it.