Sunday, March 23


I've been bevearing away in the shed working on a special birthday project for my Bestie.

I've loved every minute of it, 

making this girl come to life.

The hunt for china, the thrill of the chase and

finally was Royal Pirate Queen was finished. 

Saturday, March 15

Adelaide Biennial

These fabulous heads are by Brendan Huntley

Love the heads

This amazing work is by Julia deVille 

There is a great post here and here

Sunday, February 23

Fast February

Beaches to play on,

sand castles to build,

Chinese New year to celebrate, 

and enjoy with friends,

sunrises to watch,

Mosaics to make,

and fences to peek over.

Joining in with Tinniegirl and SundaySnippets, great to see her back in blogland. 

Sunday, February 9

These Boots

How fabulous are these Alice in Wonderland boots.

Oh you would feel so special wearing these.

Thursday, January 30


This is amazing coloured sea glass, looks like a fabulous plate of jelly beans.
Sadly the most common colour I find on our beaches is brown. 
Image from here

Saturday, January 25

Surfs Up!

Happy Saturday
what ever you are up to!

Monday, January 20

Weekly Collection

Hanging out at the beach

Rainbow rocks

Blue sky

Blue china

Someone may have to share their dinner set

Joining in with Em at The Beetle Shack