Saturday, October 18

Open Gardens

This weekend was our local open gardens. 
We had a wander through several very pretty and interesting gardens.

Old miners cottage garden filled with drought tolerant plants.

This indoor outdoor garden has been 50 years in the making and was a first time participant.
She was delighted with the response and wondered why she hadn't done it before.

A lovely day out, I purchased a few plants and didn't permanently borrow any, for a change! 

Monday, October 13


Passion fruit flowers are amazing.

Inspired by the spring flowers.

Thursday, October 9


I've been playing in the shed again, works in progress.

Spring flowers.

Wednesday, September 24


A few flowers make all the difference.

And while they are thinking about it, make more art.

Too pretty to throw away.

Sunday, September 21


Life slowly returns to normal.
Significant Birthdays are always fun.

Love having a special G + T at the Howling Owl.

Saturday, September 6


Portabello Road

and strawberry beer!

Friday, September 5


If there is a statue of Peter Pan then he must be real.

and nutkins.