Monday, October 5

Play Day

Yippee it's a public holiday here in SA and an extra day to play!
I've been out in the studio chomping away at the china.

Monday, September 21

Garden Home

The Naughty Fairy in it's new garden home.

Sunday, August 30

Back in the Shed

A Naughty Garden Fairy for a friend.

Saturday, August 29


Dear Snippy Snips
You have done 2 1/2 years hard labour but sadly you can chomp no more. 

Monday, August 24

Fun Stuff

Knitted Ratty hanging around outside the art gallery.
Love guerrilla art! 

Monday, August 3


SALA opened at Tscharkes yesterday with sunshine.

A Big Thank you to everyone who came along and celebrated the opening of our 2015 exhibition.

Sunday, July 26

3 girls

Nearly ready for the opening of SALA next weekend at Tscharke's.