Thursday, February 11


This was one of my favourite pieces from The Brighton Sculptures by the Sea.  
It made of beach litter and it's a sad thought that all these bits are washing up and floating around out there. 
Sorry I am unsure who created this wonderful recycled sculpture.

Wednesday, January 27

Road Trip

These 3 pieces are now down at the

Love Letters safely packed in the back of the Corolla!

Pole Fishing

The Kiss.

All safe and happy in their new home by the sea for a week.

Tuesday, January 26


Had a great day creating special decorations for an up coming celebration.

Sunday, January 24

Happy Home

Happy House Warming present for friends.

Saturday, December 19


These birds are a favourite of mine carved from bean tree.

Monday, December 14


Coral Reef

Mr Rudd's Cabinet of Climate Change Curiosities

More brilliant pieces from Rod McRae

Born Free

Born Free

Rod McRae

This is as close as I am ever going to get to these majestic animals.
Years ago I saw the film Born Free and cried for days afterwards, more recently the film Christian was made I haven't been able to watch it all the way through.