Thursday, December 26

The Nancy Bag

I decided to make shopping bags this year for presents.
A trip to the oppie gleaned a fabulous piece of appliqué and a rat through my fabric cupboard produced  a brightly coloured bag.

Easy peasie with a round base.
South Australia has a no plastic bag policy, well sort of you can buy them at the supermarket but one of these is far more fun. 
This one was for Nancy.  

Weekly Collection

Hope everyone had a magical Christmas.

Joining in with Em.

Thursday, December 19


 Secret Santa for work all sorted.

Sunday, December 15

Another fabulous Christmas Tree
from here

Friday, December 13


How amazing is this cutlery tree
from here

Wednesday, November 27

A Weekly Collection

1 & 2 Playing with beach finds and glass beads

3 Christmas is on it's way

4 Painted grape vine leaves

Joining in with The Beetle Shack 

Thursday, November 21


Happy House Warming gift for a new home owner.

Tuesday, November 19


The birdbath is completed,

and the Birthday Girl was delighted!

Monday, November 18

Fabulous Finds

Great week for hunting up tea pots at the op shops.

Saturday, November 2


Awaiting grout, but today the garden is calling.

Thursday, October 31

Happy hunting today, love my new tea pot.

Wednesday, October 23

A Colourful Weekend

spent in the city
Joining in with The Beetle Shack

Monday, October 14

Bunny Friends

Too cute.
via google

Monday, October 7

Tea Pots

Just waiting to be grouted.

Sunday, October 6


Sadly the oppies just don't seem to be like they used to, treasure is very sparse these days.
Ducks was all I could find this week.

Wednesday, October 2

Pretty Plates

How beautiful are these.

Monday, September 30


The poor garden has been left to it's own devices for far too long over winter so I tidied up a few corners on the weekend.


Sunday, September 29


Finally I'm back in the shed after having spent a couple of weekends sorting out and "tidying up",  I'm not very good at tidy!
This was a project I started a couple of months ago before it got too cold.

Wednesday, September 18

Thank goodness for friends not so sure about the last one.
via google

Tuesday, September 3


Having fun playing with broken china and quick set cement.

Sunday, September 1


is finally on it's way!

Friday, August 30


Makes me smile.
Happy Friday.

Thursday, August 22

Tuesday, August 20

Sunday, August 11


If only it were true

Wednesday, August 7

I can't wait for the warmer weather and beautiful spring flowers.

Wednesday, July 31

Having been involved in this "sport"  I found this very amusing, from here. 

Sunday, July 28

Friday, July 26

Red Sky

in the morning shepherds take warning.

Sunday, July 21


A couple of weekends ago I got together with my two besties for a weekend of laughter and sewing.
Girls weekends make the world go around!

We drafted patterns and created jumpers, warp tops, skirts and pants. 
My pants pattern needs to go back to the drawing board.

Although not finished this is my favourite piece, a snugly wrap top.

Thanks for a great weekend, I'm ready for the next one.