Wednesday, July 28

Wordless Wednesday

Joining in with Wordless Wednesday.
Spring can't be far away. 

Sunday, July 25


I haven't been home much in the last few weeks, well not in day light hours.
I've had a lovely weekend enjoying the delights of the garden and some winter sunshine.
Hope everyone had a lovely weekend.

Thinking of You

I've been making cards, yes sometimes I do actually make things!
It's nice to get emails and text messages but the best thing is still a note in the letter box.
I like to think that we can still take the time to write and go visit the post office.  

Pretty Birds

Finally some sunshine, it felt really good to sit in the sun, drink cups of tea and watch the galahs feeding. 

Saturday, July 17

Found it!

Here's the completed pinafore.

Congrats to the Famous Mz DivaJools.

Hope everyones is staying warm this weekend.

Thursday, July 15


I've added some pretty Japanese fabric circles to a chain store pinafore for a different look.
Sadly the photo of the pinafore got lost between here and the upload?? anyway I will try and find it.

This year is flying by so quickly we seem to be doing things that I am sure we did only a few weeks ago when actually they were 12 months ago. Prehaps there is too much routine in our lives, I hate having routines something my mother still has a lot of, certain things done on certain days and possibly the world could come to a grinding holt if there are any changes.
On the bright side with the year rolling along so quickly summer will be here soon.

Tuesday, July 6


I thought a rummage through the beads and buttons might help but alas like Christina I have lost my mojo.
Unlike Christina I haven't been out in the freezing cold looking for it instead I've been curled up in front of the TV with a crochet hook, the World Cup Soccer, Wimbeldon and now Tour de France.
No rest for the wicked.