Saturday, May 29

New Look

Take one plain cardigan...

Add ric rac around the edge and 3 crocheted flowers for a new look.
I really liked the shape of this cardi with the rounded edges at the bottom.
I must confess I am a cardi gal, being a "cold frog" I like to layer, I rarely remove layers just continue to add.
Hope everyone is staying warm this weekend, very wet and windy down here.

Monday, May 24

Row Row Row your Boat

Our fledgling rowing club attended it's first regatta on the weekend.
We arrived in Remark on the River Murray Friday afternoon to be greeted by calm water, a rarety when you live by the sea. 

The Pinic (not serious) Regatta was held on Saturday and Sunday.
There were singles, fours and eights to be rowed. If your club couldn't fill a boat it didn't matter as you just jumped in if there was a spare seat.

I rowed in 3 races, sweep 4, quad 4 and mixed 4.
Unfortunately I missed out on seat in an eight this time.

We had a great weekend and met up with friends both old and new.
It may a few days for me to recover!!

Tuesday, May 18

Tea Pots

For a friend.
Last week there I am sure there were 3 ceramic tea pots in the op shop, now when we want them they have all disappeared except this one.
Prehaps Sue's impish little friend is playing tricks! 

Monday, May 17

Where did the week go?

A moment to sit and watch the passing parade.
It's been a hetic week rushing all over the place, seems like every time I got a moment to sit I should have been somewhere else.

I did get to pop into the Gillies Street Market on Sunday morning, not sure what I was expecting but I was surprised how many stall holders were selling repriced op shop clothes.
Great food and a nice feel to the market. 

Saturday, May 8

It can't get any better

It was a beautiful day here today so we headed down the beach for a row.
What a perfect way to spend an afternoon, skimming across the water.
Yes that's really me out there!

Friday, May 7

Love it

I'm a lucky girl!
Look what came home with me from last weekends party.
Sue created this fabulous cake stand from all sorts of glass.

How cute is this guy!
At least he wont be running a muck.
Thank you, I love it. 

Thursday, May 6

Going, Going, Gone!

Removing the ivy has been a giganic task, taking several days.

Ivy can hide so many things. We thought there was a dead tree under there but the ivy had grown and twisted around on it's self growing larger every year.

We finally unearth the gate to nowhere!
We have left the ivy on the fence at the back for the time being, at least it's green and much better looking than the iron fence.

Sadly I didn't get the before photo of the monster.  

Sunday, May 2

Party Time

We have just returned from a weekend away celebrating Sue's daughters 21st Birthday.
The party theme was Vintage High Tea, Alice in Wonderland.
All manner of drinks were taken from the tea cups.

There was a lovely afternoon tea spread.

Party games were played and enjoyed by all and everyone dressed up.
Without a doubt it was the best 21st party I have attended,
Thank you.