Sunday, April 29

Friday, April 27

Early Morning

beach walk, a bit chilly.
Sadly no treasure to be found.

Thursday, April 26


JaM - What's the Weather like at your Place

It's getting colder and darker.
Blue sky seems a thing of the past.

The leaves are changing colour and falling.

There are rainbows around and a dampness in the air.

The farmers are starting to sow their crops.
The snails are coming out to play.

Joining Jody with Jam this week. 

Sunday, April 22

Sunday Snippets

Joining in with Tinniegirl and her Sunday Snippets

Thursday, April 19


I love red, orange and pink together.

Another busy week is flying by.

Sunday, April 15


 Kooky Kidz Market day, a great day.

Thursday, April 12

This week

The buttons have finally got their feathers together and created treasure. 

Journals have been made in preparation for the Kooky Kidz Market on Saturday.


JaM this week is all about your favourite jewellery
~ what bling makes ya heart sing! 

Mine has been made by friends or myself and I love it all.

Wednesday, April 4


Well for a while now I have been collecting, sorting and patting my buttons, I know what I want to make from them but actually getting around to doing this is another matter.
I have a market to attend in a weeks time and as yet I really having nothing to put on my table.

Pop over to Jody's and see if there is procrastination or work. 

Monday, April 2


The most beautiful autumn day, the trees are beinging to turn.

A stroll around and peek over someones fence.

And lunch with besties, can't think of beterr way to spend a lovely Sunday.