Tuesday, January 29

Long Weekend

Friends for lunch, beach walks,

A stroll around the city

Broken china

and cutting the heads off spoons
a fabulous weekend

Sunday, January 20


I seem to be making circles at the moment.

Saturday, January 19


After doing the rounds of the opshops this week and being disappointed I was finally rewarded on Friday with some pretty china.

She has already lost a hand so I'm sure it wont hurt much when she loses her head.

This dear little boy looks very tired after all the peddling he has done.
Hope everyone else found treasure this week.
Pop over to Sue's for more thrifting.

Friday, January 11

Happy Friday

Catching up with besties tomorrow, I'm sure there will be tea drinking and laughter.

Thursday, January 10

Monday, January 7


You know what it's like when you really just want to have a go at something even if you don't have the right tools or equipment, especially on a weekend when all the shops who could help you have closed.
So here's my mosaic piece, set in plaster, wrong, in a cake tin, wrong, and I just smashed up the cups and plates with a hammer, wrong again but it was fun!
There was a bit too much white plaster showing so I added black seed beads which now look like poppy seeds all over the top, that's probably wrong too.  

Wednesday, January 2


The break between Christmas and New Year is always an odd time, public holidays, everything seems to slow down and in some places almost grind to a halt.

We took a break in the city for a couple of days, saw this exhibition , at the Urban Cow and drank tea here, too early for gin.

Managed to see the latest James Bond film before it disappeared.
I loved Skyfall but I am a Bond fan and I'm happy to leave my brain at the door.

Tuesday, January 1

Happy New Year

We headed down to the beach last night to watch the "official" fireworks at 9.30pm, there was another at midnight and in between were all the "unofficial" fireworks.

No matter how many times you see fireworks they are still amazing and pretty, there was lots of 'oooo' and 'aarrring' from the gathered crowd and applause at the end.

Wishing everyone a wonderful 2013, it's going to be amazing.