Wednesday, September 29

Sunday, September 26

Flea Market Finds

The op shop trail was rather grim this week as I thought everything was over priced, but I did find this pretty blue jug with a shiny glaze and a couple of chips.
I'm not sure if it will hold water but I plan to put a glass inside to hold the flowers.
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Wednesday, September 22

Meet Penny

Penny Pea Hen lives in our street along with Percy Peacock, poor old Percy has been alone for a number of years as a fox killed his last bride.
Recently someone purchased Penny from a garage sale ( as you do!) as a companion for Percy.
According to our 85 year old neighbour Connie, (who incidently taught me at school) they will never mate as one is an Indian and one is an Asian. Connie feeds them and sometimes they sit on her fence together.

The other day a small boy came door knocking asking who owned Penny as she was in their chook house. He was delighted to discover that no one owns them they roam free but we all keep an eye out for them.

Sunday, September 19

Flea Market Finds

On my way home Friday afternoon I was in time to stop off at the Port Broughton op shop, this little shop is only open on Friday afternoons.
There were people everywhere and as shuffled down the hallway I could hear, "Ready Gladys?" "Yes Mavis" "Right, 10, 40, 10, 20, $1-, 40, ....and so on ... The End!" "Total $15.40" "Thankyou" "Next" "Ready Gladys?" "Yes Mavis" "Right".
As I moved through the shop this was repeated over and over.
Finally when it was my turn I discovered that most of the volunteers are approaching or over 80.
Gladys was sitting at the table armed with pen and paper and Mavis was standing calling out the prices.
They spend the week sorting and pricing the items. The buttons from discarded clothing are sewn onto strips of fabric and placed in colour coded baskets.
They would rather turn over their stock for a few cents as every $ they make goes back into their community.
A BIG congratualtions to the Port Broughton op shop.

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Wednesday, September 15


Joining in with Wordless Wednesday.


After looking at the photos from Sue's garden wander I decided a little more colour in my life was needed so today I wore my favourite tights to work.

Tuesday, September 14

I'm Loving

the colours of spring and a touch of sunshine.

Just looking forward to lots more sunshine.

Sunday, September 12

Flea Market Finds

Oh what joy, my heart nearly skipped a beat when I spotted these 8 bowls.
Wrapped in masking tape with the asking price of $2! No chips just a bit of wear and tear, I wonder if porridge was eaten from these bowls or pudding.

I adore "depression green" china and am hoping one day to own a dinner set.
I have lots of side plates the odd cup and saucer but I have yet to find any dinner plates.

These are Johnsons of Australia, I also have the english Johnsons, a few pieces of Meakin called Jade and Grindley call this colour Almond Petal.
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Wednesday, September 1