Wednesday, August 31

I love this, it looks so fresh and inviting and makes me want to sit and play.
I actually learnt piano for several years and hated it, can't play a note, but apparently all little girls learnt piano!
Maybe if the piano had been a lovely colour I might have enjoyed it more.
and here.

Last Day

After a busy day I sat and watched as the sun slowly sank and reflected that today is the last day of winter, thank goodness.
To me it seemed to go on forever this year and the cold dismal days really got to me.
I welcome spring and summer with open arms.

Sunday, August 28

Let them Eat Cake

Yesterday we celebrated a dear friends 80th birthday.
The cupie doll is from 1956 and her skirt is covered with marshmellows.
We could call her a Dolly Varden, my mum used to make Dolly Varden cakes for me when I was little, yes I know "well loved".

Friday, August 26

A Stroll

Along the beach always seems to put everything in perspective,
especially when the sun is shining.

Monday, August 22

Happy Day

We attended a family christening yesterday and is was a fabulous day.
Baby slept through the event, the weather was perfect and it was great to see my cousins that we don't get to see very often.
The christening gown is now 47 years old and this little tot was number 20, 21 is due in October.
As the family is spread far and wide this little gown has traversed Australia and still looks wonderful.

Wednesday, August 17


These 2 cavorting cats don't belong to us, they are a bit like the peacocks and roam the neighbour hood together.
Of course I know no one ever actually "owns" a cat, I am sure the only reason they stay with us is because we have "thumbs" and can be rather useful at times.

Monday, August 15

Our Synchronised Travel Journeys

I'm joining the journey with Vic and taking you on a little tour.
Yes a walking tour, running in the end because of the rain.
1. First stage is your starting point;
Down the drive way

2.Walk in any direction for 50 or 100 paces, then turn 180 degrees;

3. Continue walking in that direction until you see something blue;

4. Make a left turn & walk 50 to 70 paces;

5. Walk in any direction until you see something that either is or looks like the number 7 or 11;
Back to back 7's

6. Take the first left & continue walking until you find somewhere to sit;
I missed this picture because it started to rain.

7. Choose any direction & walk for 25 or 50 paces;

9. Keep walking in any direction until you see an archway or an unusual architectural feature;

8. Continue walking until you see an unusual colour, shape or texture. Turn 180 degrees;

10. Head for home but continue looking for something that catches your eye.
These 2 caught my eye when I reached home, sitting together on our fence, I mean their fence!

Several elderly people asked me what I was doing as I was taking photos so I explained it was for a science project, I am sure they wouldn't have understood blogging.

It's a great way to see where you live as all too often we rush by in the car.

Sunday, August 14

Flea Market Finds

This weeks Flea Market Finds is a selection of china, not that I need anymore but it is pretty.
For more treasure pop over to Sophies.

Saturday, August 13


We attended the opening of Ellen's SALA exhibition last weekend at Bethany Winery in the Barossa Valley.
She does the most amazing paper cuts and has collected vintage frames to match.

Her lamps are beautiful.


Green is currently the colour of the garden, with lots of cabbage moth caterpillars munching their way through any green leaves.

Penny has returned and hopfuly answered Percy's crys.
They are both very loud birds, Percy is louder but I am sure that is because of the large tail he has to carry around.

Finally our almond tree is doing something, not that there have ever been any almonds to eat.

Tuesday, August 9


The South Australian Living Artists Festival kicked off on the weekend.
For the month of August we get to see lots of art around South Australia.
We were lucky enough to attend 2 openings on the weekend.

Wednesday, August 3


I have just read where "Meet me at Mikes" in Melbourne is closing.
Sad that I wont get to visit again, I was there 12 months ago with my besties.
I'm happy that they will get their weekends together as a family and they will get to spend more time doing what they really want to do. 


The sun has been shining the last couple of days so today a stroll was on the agenda.