Thursday, July 23


Afternoon tea in the sunshine.

I'm hopeful spring isn't far away, the almond trees are full of blossoms.
Jonquils are bobbing up and the violets are just so pretty.

Roll on summer, Roll on......

Monday, July 20

Winter Colours

I've been travelling around the country side enjoying the colours of winter, golden wattles and trees hanging onto the last of their red leaves.

Peering through the early morning fog in the Clare Valley.

Monday, July 13

July Edition

It's time to celebrate Christmas in July on The Chocolate Crow Trader.
The first six months of this year have flown by and I think the next six months
will whizz by just as quick!
This month I am offering 2 different button necklaces.
They are created from a selection of vintage and new buttons that have
been stacked and woven together.
The purple one measures 125 cm or approx. 49 inches and can be worn as a long
strand or easily slips over your head for a double strand.

The red button necklace is slightly longer, 130 cm, approx 51 inches.
As always Mogs Designs are "one of a kind".

Saturday, July 11


A red collection to brighten a grey day.

Winter and wool, the stack of squares have been joined together to create a bright snuggle rug.
Hope you are all staying warm this weekend.

Thursday, July 9


Some knitted yellow strips for the knitted convenience project.

Monday, July 6


Friends of our are holding "A Family Affair" in Brisbane.
This exhibition includes a photographer, painters, jeweler and potter.
Graydon Gallery
29 Merthyr Road
New Farm
Take a peek at Nigel's photographs here

Thursday, July 2


We've had wild, wet and windy weather here the last couple of days.
The wind has been roaring at 100 + kms an hour.
It's been like a disco here with the power going on and off!
Unlike Adelaide we didn't have trees uprooted, it's coastal so we don't really have trees.
Our stobie (power) poles stood through another storm.
Our jetty wasn't closed unlike the Adelaide jetties and a few souls tottered out for look, I'm not sure if they were brave or silly!
I managed 2 minutes outside the car to take this photo!