Monday, February 28

Flea Market Finds

Can a girl ever have too much pretty china, possibly especially as we hardly ever ever drink out of tea cups, but these were just too lovely to leave behind.

I love the shape of the saucer.
For more treasure visit Sophie, she has found the most beautiful dress this week.

Saturday, February 26

Happy Saturday

Today was just like a holiday, played in the garden this morning, went the beach in the afternoon and even managed a nana nap!
Now I'm going to sit down with chocolate and watch a Midsummer's Murders, I wonder how they have managed to make so many episodes as I'm sure the entire village gets murdered each week.

Monday, February 21

Dress Up's

I found this military style jacket and ruffled shirt in the oppie the other day while trawling with Sue.
In a couple of weeks we have an 80's themed party and I have decided to go as Adam Ant, "do ya self a favour", yes I was fan!
A bit of gold braid, a splash of red fabric and a white stripe across my face I'll be shuffling around the dance floor!

Sunday, February 20

Flea Market Finds

This week has whizzed by in the blink of an eye.
I had a visit from my bestie on Thursday and we hit the oppies, it's always much more fun with a friend.
We laughed at "remember this" and "I had one of those" treasures in the shops.
I found this fabulous bowling type bag for $1, with both zips still in perfect condition.

Inside the label reads "Sheldon of NSW" and "your lucky cent", and there still in the plastic is the lucky Australian 1 cent piece.
For more treasure hunters pop over to Sophie's.

Sunday, February 13

Flea Market Finds

This week we headed to the local salvage yard for a treasure hunt and came home with a cable drum for the garden.
I don't know why but this is a thing I have always wanted, I know I'm odd!
Find more treasure over at Sophies.

Saturday, February 5


Our back yard is surrounded by a 5 foot + fence and there was much honking this morning from Penny as she attempted to show the Jets how to get around suburbia.
She landed on the back fence several times only to fly back the way she had come, I guess the Jets get distracted easily.

Penny flew up onto the rubbish bin and then to the shed roof next door, hopeful that the Jets were paying attention she honked loudly.
They took the 3 step approach, ladder first,

then the bin.

Finally they all made it safely to the shed roof under the watchful eye of mum.

Thursday, February 3


Happy Chinese New Year and yes it's the year of The Rabbit.

I think they are jelly moulds, the rabbit on the right looks a bit grumpy.

My mum used to make marshmallow rabbits at Easter time and place them on green coloured coconut.