Wednesday, December 30

Beach Season

We've just had a lovely couple of days catching up friends and relaxing down the bottom of the Yorke Peninsular.
It's been too long since we've seen each other and there wasn't a quite moment as our words and laughter flowed.

Berry Bay now has a wooden walk way to the beach, we used to lug every thing up and down the hill for a days surfing here.

Fishing boats are launched with tractors and our friends have the brightest one.

BBQ breakfasts are always good when you are on holidays!

Sunday, December 27

A Busy Week

Christmas Day was a lovely family event and even my mother said I "really excelled myself"!
The only small hiccup of the day was all being locked outside, it must have been the only moment that no one was inside for the whole day. Yes it was me who was pushed through the lounge room window. At least we weren't arrested for break and enter!
Santa squeezed the presents down the chimney so there were plenty of treats for everyone including lots of chocolate.
The highlight of the day was the chocolate pooing reindeer, from 6 to 80 and everyone in between was in fits of laughter.
I hope everyone had a magical Christmas.
I need to sort out my room as it's become a dumping ground for all the bits and pieces over the last few days.

Monday, December 21

Oh Christmas Tree

I finally found the tree, ornies and an assortment of Santas.
In a previous life I designed and made cloth dolls. After 20 years my desire and love was gone, most things were packed away and it took me a couple of years to actually make anything at all.
Slowly I have found my crafting passion and I'm enjoying creating again.

My love for "prim" disappeared a few ago and I'm still not sure how I feel about all these dark and grubby colours.

All the ornies on my fake feather tree were made by me or my friends.
With all these dark colours my lounge room seems to have shrunk even more!
Wishing everyone a wonderful Christmas, I hope the annoying fat man in the red suit brings treasure!
Stay safe and Happy
Love Melissa

Thursday, December 17

Christmas Decorating

More bunting, trying to look more "festive" inside.
Paper doilies sewn onto ribbon.

At some angles they look like dinner plates!
Yesterday was too hot to go into the shed and look for the larger Christmas tree and today it's too wet, gotta love south australian weather!

Wednesday, December 16


The rustic bunting is an attempt to be festive for Christmas.
Christmas always seems like the end of world, everything has to be done before Christmas, you know the sun will rise in January!
There is no joy or goodwill to all on the streets, just stress.
As we are hosting Christmas Day I had best go and ferret around in the the and find the tree.
Bah hum bug, at least I have a few more days to find "the Christmas Spirit".
Maybe I should look in the fridge!

The first frangipani flower of the season.
Welcome home to a very special girl today, see you soon.

Sunday, December 13


The beautiful Skilly winery in the Clare Valley.


Yesterday we celebrated an early Christmas with friends.
We lunched at the fabulous Skilly winery in the Clare Valley.
Wonderful company, food to die for and perfect weather.
We could ask for no more.
Thank you

Monday, December 7


What a busy weekend, Saturday I met up with friends at "The Art At The Hart" at Port Adelaide.
The market stalls lined the banks of the the Port River near the old Adelaide Mills.
Every stall had "hand crafted" treasures, such a nice change from all the imports that seem to be around. It just goes to prove that you can have a market/fair without imports.
My congratulations goes to the organisers, it was a great day lots to see and do.
Wonderful to see so many people supporting "hand crafted".
We celebrated and early Christmas with friends at the beach Saturday night, gin and tonic's on the deck as the sunset.
Up bright and early Sunday morning and back to Semaphore for the St Bedes market.
Thank you to everyone who came and said hello.


Our brightly coloured stall at the Semaphore Market on Sunday.

It was a lovely atmosphere at Semaphore on Sunday made all the more special when a couple of friends dropped by.

Thursday, December 3


This week has been spent busy crafting.
From this.......

to this.
I am off to the St Bedes Market on Sunday and I'm looking forward to spending the day with my delightful young friend.
If you are in Adelaide stop by and say Hello.