Thursday, February 25


The balancing act is proving to be a tad difficult and in my next life I think I would like to be Miss Lilly.
Prehaps taking up rowing 3 mornings a week, yes early mornings and it's not exersise although it does require an expansion of engery. I have an alergy to exersise, but gliding across the water in the early dawn is fabulous and all you can think about is exactly what you are doing at that moment. I sometimes forget to live in the moment, I'm too far back or I'm too far forward.  
I know many of you are still in disbelief and falling off your chairs with laughter. The cheer squad grows daily with crys of "I have to see this"!  Maybe it's age, try before I die.
Hope everyone is enjoying a "moment". 

Saturday, February 20


This week has been fast and furious as I try to balance play and work.
These galahs have been sitting on our TV antena most evenings this week, they seem to have the balance right.

Sunday, February 14

Flea Market Finds

Joining in Sophies meme this week I found this delicate pink tablecloth, it has machine embroidered flower baskets so it's not very old but I still think it's pretty.
I can never say no to good old Johnson Brothers green crockery espically tea cups and saucers.
Sue has found the most amazing tablecloth.
Visit "Her Libary Adventures" to see who else is playing along this week.

Thursday, February 11

Tea Towels

While checking out blogland this morning I discovered Cam's tutorial for her tea towel totes.
I set forth tea towels to find, errands to run, bills to pay, shopping apparently not everyone in our house can live on chocolate! 3 oppies later and no tea towels or any other treasure.
With lots on my mind it wasn't until I reached the supermarket I discovered I had forgotten my shopping bags, they don't always make it back to the car. Owning a zillion already I refused to purchase anymore and this upset the young check out girl who couldn't get her head around scanning my items and me loading them back into the trolley.
While driving home I made one last oppie visit no tea towels but a pile of pillow cases at 50cents each I grabbed a couple .... .... tea towel .. pillow case ... ... why not.
Home again I popped them into the washing machine while I unloaded the car and began searching for some tape and yes the last place I looked I found some cotton tape, unfortunately not enough to follow Cam's instructions but enough  for handles either end. After stitching up the side seams and turning the bag the right way out, the sides just gravitated inwards.
Now I have a zillion and 2 bags!
Thanks curlypops for sharing your tote pattern. 


Tuesday, February 9


While dinning with our friends on Saturday night and nibbling on our eclairs mother nature treated us to a spectacular sunset.
It doesn't matter how often I see the sunset over the ocean it still amazes me. 

Monday, February 8

Flea Market Finds

This finds include a pretty little side plate and a doilie.
I made the mini eclairs for a friends birthday Saturday night.
Visit Sophie to see who else is playing along this week.


Come and try rowing they said, it will be fun.
I wondered how anything could be fun that required a 6am start and exersise!
I've never been very co-ordinated, always muddle my left and right, it's makes driving interesting.
I surprised myself by not only enjoying the experience, sometimes getting it right and staying balanced.
Saturday morning was spent in the single skulls rowing back and forth across the bay and I didn't have a swim.
When everything falls into place it feels and sounds right.

Sunday morning and another early start. Feeling very stiff and sore I went out in a quad skull, 4 rowers and one cox. I think this was more enjoyable than the single skull.
I was proven wrong and I did have fun but today is a very slow day! 

Thursday, February 4

Vintage Fair

It's been a busy week, unfortunately it's taken me until today to share my adventures from Sunday.
We popped down to Adelaide to visit the new Vintage Fair. It will be held twice a month in the beautiful old hall on the lovely tree lined Jeffcott Street.
I hope it becomes a meca for vintage lovers as we enjoyed the first one with it's friendly atmosphere and young ladies wearing frocks to die for.

Monday, February 1

Pink Treasure

I've joined Sophie's meme for the weekly flea market finds.
My treasures this week all seem to be pink.

A beautiful pink linen tea towel. It's never dryed a tea cup little alone seen a washing machine.
I wonder did it sit in someones glory box or hope chest, then maybe shoved to the back of the linen cupboard, did it get forgotten or was it too pretty to use.

The pink bowl is a piece of Grindley, "Peach Petal" and at only $1 how could I resist!
The lace, ribbon and table runner were just pretty.

I remember churches using these sort of vases only much larger.

Sue mentioned that the oppies are getting expensive and I agree with her, but nothing is more annoying than hearing the people who work there complaining that they have "so much stuff" they can't display it or can't seem to turn over their stock. I know their over heads are expensive and they are given junk they have to pay to dispose of BUT everything is donanted, most of the staff are voluntary AND who is going to pay $5 for a t-shirt that would go in the home rag bag! 
Climbing off my soap box now.