Monday, August 31

Evening ~ Day 31

Just one more, the moon through the dormant frangipani.

Last Day ~ Day 31

Today is the last day of winter, YIPPEEEEE, and "a photo a day".
I'm happy that summer isn't far away.
I've enjoyed the challenge of "a photo a day" it's a great way to look at the world around you.
Thank you Megan and everyone else who joined the wonderful photographic journey.

Sunday, August 30

Very Vintage ~ Day 30

Yesterday mum and I ventured to Adelaide for the "Way we Wear Fair".
This was our 3rd fair and we still loved every minute of it.
I love old treasures and clothes they were made so well and the fabrics are just beautiful.
We had lots of lovely conversations with strangers reminiscing about our mothers, grandmothers and great grandmothers in respect to the displays.
Button up boots, gosh they must have had small feet!
Lace up corsets, I don't know how they managed to breathe.
The days when every woman carried a compact and discreetly powdered their nose in the powder room.
This blue self patterned dress just called my name, I tried to resist but it was useless!

Friday, August 28

These are ~ Day 28

A few of my favourite things.
I bought the wooden rabbit while on holidays in Queensland years ago.
The angel was made by Sue as a pressie years ago.
The bird house was a pressie from my bestest pals.
While on the way to a fair with the bestest pals we stopped in an antique shop and this little trike became mine.
Of course the car was already full to the brim but we managed to squeeze the bike in!
These treasures have been carted around the country side with me and always bring back special memories of time spent with special friends.

Monday, August 24

Abandoned ~ Day 24

Once train travel was very popular.
Now all we have is abandoned rail yards over grown and rusty.

Sunday, August 23

Flowers ~ Day 23

My bestest pals sent me this beautiful bunch of poppies.
They arrived at work on Friday afternoon.
The colours are just gorgeous.
Thank you my treasures.

Saturday, August 22

Restful ~ Day 22

It's been a busy week and I really would like to be resting here with a nice glass of bubbles!

Friday, August 21

Thursday, August 20

Special Day ~ Day 20

Today is my Birthday and again I have been spoilt or as my mother would say "not spoilt, just well loved!" After all I am a Leo.
Tootled out and about for coffee and lunch and a wander along the beach.
Arrived home to find the postie had delivered the most gorgeous pressie from Christina.
It's beautifully crotched and fits perfectly, Thank you.

Wednesday, August 19

Rose ~ Day 19

A rose still blooming in an old cemetery.
No love and attention yet still it blooms.

Tuesday, August 18

Rusty Relics ~ Day 18

Found these rusty relics in the garden and thought they matched up well with one of yesterdays photos.

Monday, August 17

Wonderful ~ Day 17

More photos from my wonderful weekend.
Great friends, wonderful food, wine, art and gardens.
Sue's gorgeous jewelry upcycled using lots of
interesting things including vinyl records.
The rusty bed in the garden was made to
cover a septic tank.
The rusty tin looks just a patchwork quilt.


What a fabulous weekend I have had in the Barossa Valley with friends.
South Australian Living Artists is on during August.
Different venues featuring different artists with a small taste of their work.
A very inspiring weekend.

Friday, August 14

Fun ~ Day 14

We headed up the coast yesterday. Although less than an hour away the coast line changes, rocky out crops and high cliffs.
The sand is no longer white but reddish in colour.
We played like children skimming rocks on the water and making sail boats from cuttlefish shells and feathers.
It was lovely to lay on the sand, read my book and enjoy some winter sunshine.
See who else is playing along with "a photo a day" over at Megan's.

Wednesday, August 12

Garden ~ Day 12 again

I've cheated the last couple of days with photos.
Today I was out playing in the garden.

More Gifts ~ Day 12

Head over to Missie Krissie and enter her give away for this fabulous jewellery tree.
Wow that's 2 great give aways in 2 days.
Thank you girls.

Tuesday, August 11

Gifts Day 11

Sophie Isobel over at Her Library Adventures has a fabulous give away.
Pop over and say hello.
Her new collection of brooches are so cute.

Day 10

A day late.
We caught up with friends yesterday at their beach shack.
Their dog George loves the being at the beach, seen here taking a quick break from playing fetch.

Sunday, August 9

Brrrrr ~ Day 9

It's freezing here today so it's good to have a well stocked wood pile.
I should live in the far north of Australia, although I have been know to wear a jumper in Darwin.
According to mother, and we all know mothers are right, I have iced water running through my veins!
Off to snuggle up by the fire.
Stay warm.

Saturday, August 8

Crafting ~ Day 8

This afternoon I've been making Christmas cards.
I love giving handmade cards, especially at Christmas.

Beach ~ Day 7

I rugged up this morning for a brisk beach walk.
During winter the beach is covered with sea weed it seems to disappear during the summer months.

Thursday, August 6

Look Out ~ Day 6

The beautiful Golden Solandra heads skyward.
Almost able to leap tall buildings in a single day.
It grows on our boundary fence and it appears unstoppable.
Our neighbour "hacks" into on regular basis and it seems to say "Thank you" by encroaching on his house even more.

Wednesday, August 5

Mixture ~ Day 5

I took these 2 photos out of the car window while rushing home last night.
Life sometimes seems to pass by in a blurr just like these trees.

This is our first picked beetroot, they are still fairly small but I couldn't wait any longer.
They'll be roasted tonight.

From my window ~ The Californian Geranium covered in sunshine and bees.
I'm enjoying playing along with a photo a day.

Monday, August 3

Busy ~ Day 3

Gathering pollen from the Californian Geranium.
Bees are so busy at the moment.

Sunday, August 2

Winter Blossoms ~ Day 2

Our neighbours almond tree has looked spectacular covered in tiny white blossoms.
The petals are now beginning to drift around and lay like snow flakes on the ground.

I found this tiny petal swimming in the early morning dew.

Saturday, August 1

A Photo A Day In August

I've joined Megan over at The Byron Life for a photographic journey during August.

Pop over and see who else is "clicking" away this month or join in.

How did it get to be August anyway? This year is flying by ....... ........
soon we will have to endure Christmas Carols!