Monday, February 8


Come and try rowing they said, it will be fun.
I wondered how anything could be fun that required a 6am start and exersise!
I've never been very co-ordinated, always muddle my left and right, it's makes driving interesting.
I surprised myself by not only enjoying the experience, sometimes getting it right and staying balanced.
Saturday morning was spent in the single skulls rowing back and forth across the bay and I didn't have a swim.
When everything falls into place it feels and sounds right.

Sunday morning and another early start. Feeling very stiff and sore I went out in a quad skull, 4 rowers and one cox. I think this was more enjoyable than the single skull.
I was proven wrong and I did have fun but today is a very slow day! 


Rustic Tarts said...

Oh poor you, Melissa. You exercised at 6am???!!!! Full of surprises.

sue said...

Okay, who are you and what have you done with the "real" Melissa? I'm thinking evil Replicator or worse still a Borg - assimilation complete!
If in fact you have not been possessed by an evil genie/spook or replicated or been taken over by an alien parasite - I'm glad you had fun. If I had ever pictured you in a row boat, it was on the Thames, a suitably flamboyant hat perched upon your noggin, with your hand trailing lazily in the water as some handsome, mute young fella lightly skimmed your vessel across the waterways ...