Thursday, January 26

Happy Australia Day

Throw another chop on the barbie, so they say.
Apparently it's all about the lamb today but as I grew up on a farm I feel like we were fed lamb for breakfast, lunch and dinner so I don't eat it. Of course my mother says this all nonsense. Yes I know spoilt brat.

I chose blue swimmer instead, with a pesky kangaroo.

Lammingtons are always an Aussie favourite.
Hope everyone had a great day. 

Wednesday, January 25

Tails and Fairies

Sunday we are off to a Fairy Tale 21st Party and I am the naughty Fairy God Mother.
I had forgotten how stressful it was to play with tulle, I bought 2 black dresses from the oppie, the one underneath is taffeta with shoe string straps, perfect for a petticoat.
I made the bodice from the other black dress and added a tulle skirt and I have wings as well.

Tuesday, January 24


Joining in this weeks JAM, whatcha got.
Adding to collections, I collect lots of things and probably too much but I love Johnson Bros Dream Town.
I only have 3 plates of various sizes so far you don't see it very often.
 I was delighted to find this plate in the oppie the other day for $2.  


We 've been to the beach almost every day and the sunsets still amaze me.

I know I should have used something more stable that the top of the car door but the colours were amazing.

Saturday, January 21


and sparkly.

Thursday, January 19


Well finally I can sit and enjoy a cup of tea, or maybe something stronger!
Blogger and I haven't been playing very nicely with bits of my blog missing and then reappearing only to have something else disappear!
Sigh of relief.. ... all seems well again.  

Creative Spaces

Joining in this week with Creative Spaces.
I've been making cards.

Tuesday, January 17

Monday, January 16

Tuesday, January 10


This weeks Just a Moment meme is all about sewing, the machine and the space.

I have a small space but at least I can leave my machine and treasure set up all the time, I know if I didn't I would never sew.
Last year my singer of 28 years just wore out, I had purchased it new in Darwin and it had travelled far and wide with me. The poor machine had sewed so much the parts were completely worn out and the only way it would live to fight another day would be to find that exact same machine and use the parts, yes there were tears.

I rallied, finally and bought a Janome middle of the range and after a few tense moments we are great pals.

I know my sewing table looks a mess but it is organised sort of, I know exactly where everything is.

The pile of spots and stripes on the table is a stripey longish top, which needs a little help, I'm thinking about adding a pocket and some embellishment.

Pop over to Jody's and see who sews with what.

Thursday, January 5

Small Joys

Discovered in our garden.

Wednesday, January 4


I'm joining in with Jody's meme, Just a Moment ~ Sign.
I found this a while back from somewhere in cyber space, sorry I can't credit where it came from, but at the beginning of the New Year it seems appropriate.

Monday, January 2

Piece of Cake

New Years Eve we spent at the beach with friends, a low key dinner and watched the sunset.
I decided to whip a new party frock for the evening, the top was a shirt and the bottom was a piece of fabric in the cupboard. I added a little pocket on the side, it seems I'm a pocket gal. 

Sunday, January 1


We spent time at the beach today and although it was hot and and howling northerly I had to have a swim, I only have a small bit of sunburn, I can always tell where I missed with the suntan lotion!

Happy New Year

The past few days have been spent with friends.

Enjoying sunsets at the beach.

The fire works to end 2011 and see in 2012.
Happy 2012.