Monday, February 1

Pink Treasure

I've joined Sophie's meme for the weekly flea market finds.
My treasures this week all seem to be pink.

A beautiful pink linen tea towel. It's never dryed a tea cup little alone seen a washing machine.
I wonder did it sit in someones glory box or hope chest, then maybe shoved to the back of the linen cupboard, did it get forgotten or was it too pretty to use.

The pink bowl is a piece of Grindley, "Peach Petal" and at only $1 how could I resist!
The lace, ribbon and table runner were just pretty.

I remember churches using these sort of vases only much larger.

Sue mentioned that the oppies are getting expensive and I agree with her, but nothing is more annoying than hearing the people who work there complaining that they have "so much stuff" they can't display it or can't seem to turn over their stock. I know their over heads are expensive and they are given junk they have to pay to dispose of BUT everything is donanted, most of the staff are voluntary AND who is going to pay $5 for a t-shirt that would go in the home rag bag! 
Climbing off my soap box now. 


sue said...

Oh me oh my that is a pretty tea towel - will it be reincarnated as something wearable?
Must say I think our oppies over here are much less expensive than the town one.

Enchanted Moments said...

I SO agree with you, this happened to me on a recent trip to Strathalbyn....a warehouse FULL to the brim of stuff, really bad stuff, but stuff none the less that I offered to take off this ladies hands.....but NO, she wouldnt budge from her ridiculous I left her with it can sit there forever.
PS. Gotta love a dollar bargain though.....

Sophie Isobel Designs said...

I love all your lovely pink bits and pieces, especially the tea towel. Thanks so much for playing along.
Sophie x

marian said...

gorgeous design in that tea towel and i love grindley peach petal too..i've never found any that cheap..good for you!

thel said...

hello treasure i love all the pretty pink things... i feel and oppie day brewing..
Miss you heaps and have to work out this telephone ping pong..

Miss Muggins said...

What lovely pink things you found. Pricing is so inconsistent for sure. I usually have a price in my head of what I'm prepared to pay, and then love it when I get it for a super cheap price. I'm also prepared to leave it if the price is too high (in my head!)Hope that makes sense (it does in my head!)

clare's craftroom said...

Love , love , love the teatowel !

Mogs Designs said...

Thanks for all the lovely comments.
It seems everyone is enjoying "pretty vintage" at the moment.