Thursday, November 17


Excited to be part of Art Images Gallery Christmas Exhibition again this year.

Wednesday, October 26

Mini Break

Fabulous Melbourne 
A quick and always inspiring visit

Sunday, September 11

Sunday, August 21


South Australian Living Artists
until the end of August

Monday, July 18

SALA 2016

Another year has wizzed by and SALA is here.
South Australian Living Artists is on and around South Australia for the month of August lots of fabulous art to see.
Support living artists the dead don't need it.


Saturday, July 2

Pussy Cat

Pussy Cat
Where have you been
I've been searching for a new outfit!

Saturday, June 25


Miss Gladdie trying to enjoy some peace and quiet!

Monday, June 13

Art Gallery

An amazing installation by Sue Kneebone 
at the Adelaide Art Gallery

Saturday, May 28


August and SALA are fast approaching 

Wednesday, May 18

Wednesday, May 11

Friday, April 29


Happy Friday

Monday, March 28

Sunday, March 20

A Theme?

A collection of heads and body parts!

Friday, March 11


The more the merrier!

Thursday, February 11


This was one of my favourite pieces from The Brighton Sculptures by the Sea.  
It made of beach litter and it's a sad thought that all these bits are washing up and floating around out there. 
Sorry I am unsure who created this wonderful recycled sculpture.

Wednesday, January 27

Road Trip

These 3 pieces are now down at the

Love Letters safely packed in the back of the Corolla!

Pole Fishing

The Kiss.

All safe and happy in their new home by the sea for a week.

Tuesday, January 26


Had a great day creating special decorations for an up coming celebration.

Sunday, January 24

Happy Home

Happy House Warming present for friends.