Thursday, October 29

Sunday Market

The garlands are finished and packaged in readiness for Sunday's market.
I'm off to St Bede's market at Semaphore this Sunday November 1st with a young friend.
I'm delighted at the prospect of spending the day with this gorgeous girl.
If you happen to be in the Semaphore area drop in and say Hello.

Saturday, October 24


Meet Percy the Peacock he lives in our street and several dear old ladies feed him. His beautiful tail feathers have now returned and he's calling for a girl friend day and night.
Apparently he lost his girl to a fox several years ago.
Miss Lilly is completely deaf and screams like a banshee, unfortunately for Percy he seems to mistake her caterwauling for an off key pea hen!
As yet they haven't met face to beak!

Thursday, October 22

Art Quilts

I've been having a lovely time playing around with bits and pieces, renewing my love of needle, thread and fabric.

Small art quilts made from all those little bits saved from larger projects.

I've made removable fabric journal covers and stitched the art quilts on the front.

Saturday, October 17


Finally I have found some time to craft, no I haven't tidied my room, I just moved to the kitchen table!
I'm not good at tidying messes, I just like to make them, probably a good job I don't live alone, there would never be a clear space!

Buttons are my passion, there are so many colours, shapes and sizes.
When ever I find a vintage button I wonder what garment it adorned and who wore it, imagine if they could talk.
Using a blend of vintage and new buttons makes each of my necklaces unique.
Wishing everyone a lovely weekend.

Thursday, October 15


This jacket is my favourite purchase while in Melbourne.
It came from one of the vintage shops in Chappel Street.
It has 3/4 length sleeves and will be just right when the weather warms a bit, if that ever happens. Winter seems to be dragging on so long!
I seem to be dragging my feet this week, still trying to catch up from being away.

Monday, October 12


I have just returned from a week in Melbourne.
Mum and I went to see her grand daughter, my niece, who was selected for SA Sport Aerobics Team, compete in the National Championships.
My mum hasn't been to Melbourne for over 50 years, she loved it and can't wait to go again.
In between competitions we managed a little shopping on Chappel Street, OK so my suit case gained 4 kilos!
South Australia did a great job with a small team of only 22 competitors they won 2 gold medals, 1 silver and 1 bronze.
Late nights and early mornings don't mix, I think I need a weeks sleep to recover from all the exercise.

Friday, October 2

Life in a Paddock!

I've had a wonderful time with my best pal Sue at the Field Days, a week in a tin shed!
The weather was fairly kind to us, cold, hot and freezing but at least it didn't rain.
The word "oversize" just keep popping up every where and I am sure there were lots of happy farmers out there who got to see all this big shiny machinery.
It was lovely to see Kirsty whom I haven't seen for ages and we are going to try to catch up before too long!
It was great to chat with people who we only see every 2 years at this event.
Thank you to everyone who stopped by to say "Hello" and make a purchase.
Have a wonderful weekend, I think I could sleep for a week!