Saturday, April 27


Some days the op shop fairies smile upon you and yesterday I was happy dancing as I gathered these pieces.
Blue china for a project, it may take a little while.

Thursday, April 25

For a friend.

Saturday, April 20


Well another week has flown by and today it was time to play and get dirty.
Grouting is like playing with mud, great fun except I seem to be a little heavy handed with my mud and finding the china underneath is sometimes a bit like an archaeological dig.

Just needs one final polish and in to the garden my tea pot pole will go.

Friday, April 12


I love public art and Victoria seems to have a lot.
This ships figure head was carved out of a dead tree in Torquay in the 70's after the original disappeared in the 1950's.
It had sailed all the way from Scotland in the late 1800's only to sink just off the coast. 
Figure heads are another favourite of mine and the Fremantle Maritime Museum has a rather lovely collection, sadly they wouldn't fit in the car! 

Wednesday, April 10

Current Obsession

This is what I have been up to, making teapot mosaic towers.
This years current obsession, I know there are lots of mistakes but I love them.
I have used broken china instead of tiles, the "pique assiette" method loosely translates to stolen plates.
I love the whole experience from the hunting and gathering to the cutting, gluing and finally the grouting.

Apologies to anyone who received an email from me that wasn't really me.
Someone with far too much time on their hands has been making life difficult.

Sunday, April 7


I would have a wonderful time playing with all this china.

Saturday, April 6

The Sundial

This amazing mosaic sundial was created by the Lions Club in Torquay. 
You stand on the correct month located on the eagles body and look for your shadow, which points towards the numbers and there you have the time.
Adjust for daylight saving.

Thursday, April 4

Hells Bells

Nothing could be more appropriate than to open the Bells Beach Surfing competition with the AC DC classic Hells Bells.

Australia's own Steph Gilmore in the orange.

Looking down on Bells, yes I hiked all the way down and back up again!

How couldn't you love a beach called Winkipop!


Happy Easter, this dear little display was outside a lovely shop in Barwon Heads.
For those of us old enough to remember it was where they filmed Sea Change.

We have just returned from a wonderful week in Torquay watching the surfing at Bells.