Thursday, December 30


Why make 1 dozen when you can make 12 dozen!
Yum tiny mouthfuls of delight. 

Tuesday, December 28

Summer Daze

Today was beach day, it was that sort of weather and for once not blowing a gale.
There were the usual sights, family gatherings, beach cricket, skim boarding, skiing, sand castles but these 3 tractors lined up were a bit out of left field.
If you live further south on the peninsula then tractors are the norm for boat launching as not many towns have boat ramps but we do. 
Perhaps they were the three wise tractors left over from Christmas.

Monday, December 27


Well Christmas is over for another year, I hope everyone enjoyed it and maybe some of their wishes came true.

I am spending the time between now and New Year attempting to sort out and tidy my sewing yet again, while reflecting upon the year that was and wondering what 2011 will bring. 
2010 seemed to fly by but there were moments when it dragged, would our winter ever end? 

Today I worked in the garden, after several hours I felt as though I had achieved very little apart from a back ache! Must confess it's great to have some time off and play at home.
Hope everyone is enjoying a few days break from the routine.  

Monday, December 20

Sunday Lunch

We had a wonderful Christmas Lunch with Sue and Kath Pathwalker in Mintaro yesterday.
After lunch we had a lovely little jaunt around the tiny town and discovered Poohs House.

Of course I was the last to see it and with screams of "STOP", followed by, "She means it!"
we were able to all fall out of the car and visit with Pooh.

Someone has created Poohs House in their front yard and I'm sure it brings smiles and squeals of delight to all those who pass by.

Saturday, December 18


Christmas presents and cards.


around in the garden.

Tuesday, December 14

Our red cannas look very Christmasy at the moment, I'm not sure if they will still be around in a weeks time.

Life is a constant rush at the moment, it's as though Christmas marks the end of time once and for all, everything needs to be done and everyone wants to you see just before Christmas.
It's no wonder so many of us go down in a screaming heap between Christmas and then suddenly we must celebrate the New Year!

Monday, December 13

Flea Market Finds

I found this cute little donkey at the oppie recently.

Apparently he would have once held servettes, he looks a bit grumpy but I think he looks happier with flowers.

For more flea market finds pop over to Sophies.

Thursday, December 9

Thank you

Look what my Darling Sue made just for me and from Royal Winton no less!
They are fabulous and so comfortable to wear, I am not a big earing wearer but I just love these.

We were very lucky and survived the wild weather with only a power blackout and few minor leaks. We spent a couple of hours down the beach watching the amazing lightening show. 

Monday, December 6

After the Party

"And I ache in the places that I used to play!"
Leonard Cohen

Well I'm not sure how many clothes lines look like this today but I had to wash everything from yesterday, eeing so wet and today so hot if I left them I'm sure there would be some weird chemistry experiment going on in the plastic tubs!

Our invite to Art @ The Hart arrived the day before we flew to Melbourne so there wasn't much time to prepare.
I had hoped to decontruct some clothes but with the limited time frame I only really managed to embellish some cardies. I was really pleased with the finished result and more important it was great fun to do.

With our continued theme of recycling, we covered our own coat hangers and made magazine paper bags.
I think a nap may be in order now! 

Sunday, December 5


Now I'm going backwards!
We spent a few days in Melbourne last week mainly for the Head of the Yarra rowing but a bit of shopping never hurts either!
Nearly 200 extremly long row boats, eights, raced along the 8.5 km stretch of Yarra at timed intervals.
Unfortunately the weather wasn't the best for the end of November with lots of rain but Melbourne is always enjoyable.

We also spent some time at Federation Square and The Art Gallery.
Rabbits seemed to feature while we were there with this giant one and White Rabbit Ale, now I know what happened to Alice!

The Weekend

I've had a busy couple of weeks and the time has just flown by.

I have just returned from Art at The Hart a fabulous artists market held down at Port Adelaide.
Sue and I shared a space, you can't get much better than spending a weekend with your bestie. 
The lovely Christina dropped by with yummy treats.

Over the 2 days a local artist tried to complete this hugh canvas but Saturday was so hot the paint was drying too quickly and today it rained!
Thanks to everyone who dropped in to say Hello and to the organisers of a wonderful festival.