Monday, December 24

Christmas Eve

While most people enjoyed the company of family and friends tonight I was busy sewing.
The wrap skirt pattern was one I have wanted to try for a while and I finally found a few hours, a dress and a piece of fabric.

The plain fabric was supposed to underneath but as I get left and right muddled it turned out to be the other way around.

I added this little detail to the front edge of the skirt to tie it together.
"Merry Christmas"


Wishing everyone a wonderful Christmas filled with delightful surprises, treats and cups of tea.

Friday, December 21


We spent the evening catching up with friends for drinks and pizza while watching the sun set.

There was even a Christmas theme in the sky.

Great views from their holiday unit in Wallaroo.

Thursday, December 20

sleeps to go

Tuesday, December 18

Santa can be spotted in all sorts of different places this week.

Monday, December 17


I love  good old Agatha I can never guess who did what but there is always a nice neat ending and not too much blood and certainly no gore.

Also collected this week 2 cute tea pots and a pretty china mug.

Saturday, December 15


Another day closes and Santa is just that little bit closer.

Friday, December 14

Monday, December 10

Still looking for the power point!

Sunday, December 9

Tis the Season

I love this Christmas Tree, a fabulous idea. 

The last week has wizzed by and I have enjoyed the company of friends Sue and Audrey

Sunday Snippets

Joining Sunday Snippets, have a great week

Saturday, December 1

Thursday, November 29

My Creative Space

I've been making a few things for the Clare Craft Fair on Sunday and as rabbits seem to be the theme of week we have a Rainbow Rabbit button necklace.

Joing in with My Creative Space


How fabulous are these covered chairs.
I just need a bigger room and maybe a few more skills although it's amazing what you can do do with a hot glue gun, a staple gun and some imagination.

Tuesday, November 27

Early Morning

We were both waiting for a friend, sadly mine arrived first but as looked back so did theirs.

Saturday, November 24

Happy Saturday

Have a great weekend, don't forget to smell the flowers along the way.

Thursday, November 22

My Creative Space

Next Sunday December 2nd we are off to the Clare Christmas Craft Fair so in preparation of the "early bird shopper" I have made these little birds as a Thank you gift.

Doors open at 9am come along say Hello, shop early and receive a birdie.

Joining in with my Creative Space

Wednesday, November 21

Monday, November 19


I got very lucky at the oppie this week, a Grindley jug for only $1! and my favourite colour, green.

I also scored a pile of clothes to play with one day when there are a few more hours in the day.

Joining Sue, pop over and see her treasure.

Friday, November 16

Tuesday, November 13


I love it when "Postman Pat" calls with fabulous mail.
These great cards are available from Jody and would make a great Christmas gift.

Friday, November 9

Happy Friday

Flowers and bright colours always make me happy.

Tuesday, November 6

2 become 1

I rearranged these two dresses and created one dress.
Added some colour detail using a scarf.

Far more wearable now and it still has a pocket.

Saturday, November 3


The op shop goddess didn't smile upon me this week, no treats or treasures to be found.

Instead I thought I would show you what has happened with the tea pots that have been coming to live with me.
There is a narrow strip between our house, the fence and next door, it's gets no sun in winter and full sun in summer. I have planted succulents in the tea pots and if they get too hot I can always move them in summer.
There are a lot of brown and white tea pots in the world, just like buttons. 

Joining in with Sue    

Friday, November 2

Saturday, October 27


This weeks finds were very slim, but I do love this old jug and perfect for flowers.

Yes another tea pot

Sadly the op shops don't seem as much fun as they used to, a couple of dollars doesn't seem to buy much these days if anything at all.
 Perhaps I am getting old and grumpy!

Joining Sue this week, see what's taken over home! 

Wednesday, October 24

Happy Wednesday

A hug from a friend
A walk in a rose garden
A drive through the country

Saturday, October 20


Tea pot heaven this week.
Joining in with Sue, pop over and enjoy her adventures at the oppie this week