Sunday, January 31

Full Moon

Last nights full moon.
I'm sure there were a few werewolves out last night!

I love the garden bathed in moonlight, all the imperfections are hidden.

Saturday, January 30


It seems yellow or "Mimosa", the colour of 2009, is popping up every where.
I wonder what they will do with the roof. 


Wednesday, January 27

Oh Dear

After my post yesterday Raffa retired injured last night, so I wont discuss the tennis or any other sport.

Tuesday, January 26


I played tennis for a season many years ago when I was at school, yes I know I used to exercise back then! But it was a tad too gentle and much too hot for this little black duck. I also played softball again only for one season, the bat was more fun to swing than a raquet but why run around a diamond in the middle of summer.   

Last year we went to the Australian Open in Melbourne and loved it. This year we thought we didn't need to go..... ..... until it started and then we wished we were there.
It's back on the agenda for 2011!

Saturday, January 23


I love sunflowers but I have never grown any.
They seem to grow anywhere with out love or tender care.

There is patch of sunflowers I see on the side of the road in the middle of no where on my way to work, they bloom in abandoned back yards.
Wishing everyone a sunny weekend.

Thursday, January 21


After a quick dip this evening we thought there would be a great sunset but alas too many clouds covered the sun as she sunk.


Our visitor just enjoyed a meal of mango.


Ok the "sleepy lizard" is a bit hard to see in shadows but it must be warm to get a visitor today.
These guys have different names depending on where you are from.
I have heard them referred to as "shingle back lizards" or stumpy tail lizards".
I wonder if they ever have an identity crisis with all these different names.


Thank you for all the lovely emails and comments,
and the winners are...
Sugar Pie,
if you could email me your postal addy, they'll be posted soon.

Saturday, January 16

Give Away

I have 3 cute owl brooches to give away to 3 lucky people.
Just leave me a comment or email me if you don't have a blog,
To receive 2 entries, blog about my give away, don't forget to tell me so I know you have 2 chances.
Open to everyone around the world.
I will draw the winners next Thursday 21st of January.
Hope every one is having a lovely weekend.

Friday, January 15

Day Out

I had a wonderful day yesterday with a visit from my Bestie. We went out for lunch and wandered through the oppies.
Unfortunately the time flys by too quickly and I'm sure I didn't get my quota of words in!
Thank you for a lovely day.

Wednesday, January 13

sshh ..

All this hot weather has made me very grumpy and unmotivated.
My besties and I decided that we wouldn't do Christmas presents at Christmas ~ ok I decided this cos I wasn't organised! ~ we would do presents in the new year.
Well at this rate it's going to be presents at Easter ~ which can't be far away as the hot cross buns are already in the shops.
We always try to give at least one hand crafted gift, hence the secret, sshh..

Tuesday, January 12


While the rain this morning was lovely it did cause some localised flooding.
Photo taken through the windscreen between the wipers!
Gosh now I'm starting to sound like the weather channel!


Lovely cooling refreshing welcome rain.
It's pouring with rain outside right now and it's wonderful.
Our little cottage will take a day or two to cool down.
Yesterday it was 45 degrees here and today it's about 20 degrees, gotta love south Australian weather!
At least with the cooler weather I feel motivated to actually do something!

Monday, January 11

Keeping Cool

During this heat wave we have been to the beach in the early morning and late evening.
Unfortunately I'm not feeling very motivated to do anything much except stay cool.

Saturday, January 9


It's so hot today we spent the morning at the beach, it's so lovely when it's calm.
The next couple of days are going to be just as hot.
Stay cool.

Friday, January 8


It's lovely to receive presents and I feel very spoilt at the moment,
but of course my mum would say "not spoilt, just well loved".
There seems to be a birdie theme at the moment as today I received this cute owl brooch from
Packaged in an envelope created from a child's book.
Thank you.

Thursday, January 7


I love getting presents especially from the besties who hang out in the bat cave!

Inside was this gorgeous little birdie brooch.
Thank you my treasurses.
and yes the gals at post office loved the envelope!

Thank you

A Thank you gift, totally unexpected but much appreciated.
Thank you

Wednesday, January 6


So pretty, especially in pink.

Tuesday, January 5

These are the one's that got away, or least hid in my girl friends garden.
The "button" squash is dinner plate size, but they look wonderful.

Monday, January 4

Had a lovely swim at the beach this evening.
It's still windy but at least it was refreshing.


You can't get any better than home grown produce.

Sunday, January 3

Summer Days

Summer days can be lovely lazy days.
What a treat, spending the day reading and


Saturday, January 2

Sail Away

I'm getting sick of the wind but it's great sailing.

Friday, January 1

New Year

New Years Eve went out with a bang as the fire works exploded on the beach.
No we weren't there I took this from our back yard as we struggled to see midnight!

Last night's full moon but not just a full moon, it was a blue moon.
I wonder what 2010 has in store for us.
I am hoping to spend more time catching up with friends as 2009 slipped by too quickly.
Wishing everyone a Happy New Year.