Thursday, February 25


The balancing act is proving to be a tad difficult and in my next life I think I would like to be Miss Lilly.
Prehaps taking up rowing 3 mornings a week, yes early mornings and it's not exersise although it does require an expansion of engery. I have an alergy to exersise, but gliding across the water in the early dawn is fabulous and all you can think about is exactly what you are doing at that moment. I sometimes forget to live in the moment, I'm too far back or I'm too far forward.  
I know many of you are still in disbelief and falling off your chairs with laughter. The cheer squad grows daily with crys of "I have to see this"!  Maybe it's age, try before I die.
Hope everyone is enjoying a "moment". 


Rustic Tarts said...

Must be something in the water - we are getting up early too and exercising! Glad you are enjoying your rowing, sortof.

sue said...

Magic moments are worth the effort - keep at it - it obviously agrees with you! However, no more "try before I die" talk - we are gonna live forever - remember?!

Anonymous said...
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