Tuesday, May 31


Red sky in the morning
shepards take warning.
I still haven't worked out this saying but I was greeted with this bright sky this morning just after 7 am.

Monday, May 30

Flea Market Finds

This week despite the cold and wet I did manage an oppie trip or two.
I found this fluted glass bowl which is really heavy even though it is not very big.   

and these fabulous old salad servers in the most wonderful shade of green.
For more treasure pop over to Sophies.


Well winter is here and I'm not enjoying it.
Cold, wet and miserable apart from the odd rainbow. 

Wednesday, May 18

Twinkle Toes

Apparently every girl should own a pair of heels.
I couldn't resist this black satin pair with an ankle strap.
I can barely stand in heels let alone walk and dancing well that would be a joke.

Thank you

Thank you Jodie for this fabulous top.

Monday, May 16

Flea Market Finds

This weeks treasure has been captured by the camera only.
There was no way these bakelite canisters were leaving this gal, I was allowed to look and touch only!

Old enamel ware used as a planter.

Old irons and an enamel pitcher used to decorate.
Pop over to Sophie's to see what other treasure has been found this week.

Sunday, May 15


A friend celebrated a special Birthday this weekend with a vintage beach themed small gathering.

The sun shone and a lovely time was had by all as we drank champagne, ate fabulous food and gathered shells.

Thursday, May 12


Spend an evening with the "creative one" and this is what happens.
We made these for a friends birthday, they were so much fun to make I have been collecting more glass to make one for myself. 
Not that I need an excuse to collect anything!

Tuesday, May 10

Thank you

Thank you to Betty Jo from Lino Forest I was the lucky winner of her Colour Kitten brooch give away.

My colour choice was purple.

Sunday, May 8

Look Up

Look Around

Head Up
Blinkers Off

It's amazing what you see when you just wander off the path.
I should do more of it.

Wednesday, May 4

This evening

Arriving home this evening the sky was a strange almost dirty colour.

Minutes later it started to turn red,

and redder. 

The strange thing, this is east and the sun was setting quietly in the opposite direction.