Thursday, January 27

Penny and the Jets

Penny Peahen and Percy Peacock live and wander freely about in our street.
One is Asian and one is Indian and despite their cultural differences they have produced 4 pea babies.
This morning Penny had the babies in our front yard.

Carefully checking before crossing the road.  

Waiting for the stragglers.

Safely to the other side.

Wednesday, January 26

Happy Australia Day

We had a great day having a BBQ with friends.
Lots of food, drinks and laughter. 

There was even "flag bunting".

Sunday, January 23

All Mine!

These 2 magpies have had a lovely time wandering around our garden.
They chat to each other and make it perfectly clear to us that it's really their garden and we are simply here to turn on the tap occasionally.

Tuesday, January 18

Off They Go

These little softies are off to Queensland thanks to the lovely Steph for organising Hope Softies
I haven't sewn a doll for a number of years now and it's strange how the infomation is tucked away somewhere in your brain, it took me a while to get sewing again and even when I couldn't quite remeber what to do I knew if I was doing it wrong.
I hope they bring a smile to a small child.

Sunday, January 16

Flea Market Finds

This weeks flea market find isn't what I found but what my pals found and gave me for Christmas.
An almost complete johnson brothers dinner set in my favourite green.

Afternoon tea was yummy!

Friday, January 14

Hope Softies

I just found this and had to sign up.
Sometimes in all the despair and grief the child is forgotten, they need a little hope to hold onto.
All hands to the sewing machine.

Thursday, January 13


A quick 10 minute beach walk this morning and I had collected this rubbish.
I can not even begin to imagine what the beaches on the east coast are going to look like.
My heart goes out to everyone who are trying to deal with the floods.
Thankfully our friends in Brisbane are OK.

Monday, January 10


When is a golf course not a golf course, when it's an outdoor cinema!
Must confess I like things to be multi purposed so when there was a chance to see an outdoor film on a golf course who could say no. 
Friends gathered, wine drunk and nibbles eaten. 
It was a balmy evening to begin with but by the time the film had finished an assortment of quilts, jumpers and towels had been dragged from the car and were bundled around us.
It was my first out door film apart from the drive-ins years ago and it was very similar and great fun.

Saturday, January 8

Beach Days

Happy days.

Wednesday, January 5

The Task

I've spent the last 3 days sorting through the shed, some of these things have been boxed up for 5 years.
I had planned to sort all this out when we moved here nearly 3 years ago.

The op shop ladies are now diving under the counter as they see me approach!

As each box revealed it's hidden treasure and memories, laughter and tears flowed, yes I'm a big sook!
I made this quilt in a caravan trip up the east coast back in the 90's.

I just keep thinking how can one person possibly have so much stuff and how did I manage to collect it all?
The end is in sight, I can see the back of the shed!

Saturday, January 1

Happy New Year

We spent the last evening of 2010 with friends,

together we toasted the last sunset of 2010,

and watched fireworks in 2011.

Hope everyone had a happy and safe evening.