Friday, March 30


Do blokes, especially husbands really need buttons on their shirts?

He wasn't wearing it at the time and besides they are cute!

Thursday, March 29

JaM ~ How you like your flowers

Joining in with Jody's JaM, I'm just a bit late.
Flowers is this weeks theme, some pretty floral fabric.

One rose found in the garden.

Lantana is a weed in every other state in Australia.
Our soil is poor in this area but the Lantana survives in all the gardens around here.

Thursday, March 22

Kooky Kidz

Head on over to Kooky Kidz Likers Comp, there are lots of give aways. 

Opps you need to attend the market on the 14th of April to collect your prize.

The Weekend

I'm sure there aren't as many hours in the day as there used to be.

We spent last weekend in the city and saw the last days of the Fringe,
Mad March is nearly over for another year.
Loved this chalk drawing as I'm a Doctor Who fan.

The Garden of Unearthly Delights was fabulous lots of colour and noise.

Monday, March 12

The Long Weekend

We've had a lovely long weekend, a mini break.
There are lots of things I should have done and could have done but the weather was perfect for the beach.
We spent time with family in particular the 7 month old, he loves the water but is not sure about the sand, especially the taste.
Hope everyone had an enjoyable weekend.  

Thursday, March 8

Creative Spaces

In preparation for the Kooky Kidz Market I've been making cards.
Joining in with creative spaces, pop over and see what else is being crafted this week.

Wednesday, March 7


Jam, 10 things about me, you may or may not know.

1. I am very messy

2. I am a bossy leo

3. I love "collecting", some call it hoarding

4. I love op shopping, especially with a bestie

5. I love shoes

6. I work in health care

7. I don't always finish making what I start, once I can see how it is going to end I move on. There are lots of UFO's around here.

8. Spring is my favourite time of year

9. I read murder, mystry books

10. Chocolate is real food   

Joining in with Jody's jam this week.