Monday, June 25


JaM - taking Just a Moment to gather & share the things you have noticed, consumed, created, bought during your week....

Fabulous yarn bombing,   

on both sides of this little street.
The food was really good too!

Joining Jody and JaM.

Thursday, June 21


Finally the dress is finished.
It needed something.

After fishing through my pile of buttons and sorting out the red ones, cos they faster!

I added a tab at either side and a pocket, love a pocket!
Joining in with Jody's JaM.

Happy Thursday

Pretty pink to brighten a dull day.

Another week is nearly over, just don't know where the days go.

Thursday, June 14

Roll on spring!
It's another grey old day here today.
Photo borrowed from here

Sunday, June 10

Sunday Snippets

Pretty colours

Daily travel. 

Joining in with Cathy,
Happy Sunday everyone.


One large top purchased from the oppie, intereseting  fabric.

With the help of a Piece of Cake and a cup of tea, and a Tshirt I created this frock.
I think it needs a colour detailing, prehaps around the neckline.

A little pleat detail on the hem, yep good idea until I had to take up the hem.

Just a Moment

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                                                                   during your week....

                                                             choose one of the themes

                                                                  or mix them up!

Joining in with Jodie's JaM this week,
something I bought and created.

Sunday, June 3