Thursday, June 30


Look what arrived in my letter box today, yippeeeee!
Thank you Jody.

Naturally I have no nice fabric, I am off to the shops tomorrow.
I see can endless possibilities with this outfit, the perfect all season top and dress, and besides who can resist cake.

Monday, June 27

Flea Market Finds

This weeks treasure is a cute vintage hat.
I'm sure it would have been worn to church on a chilly Sunday morning or perhaps a spot of shopping during the week.

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Saturday, June 25

Orange and Lemon

Lemon juice mixed with honey, brandy and a little hot water helps keep winter bugs away. 

Probably the brandy kills everything and you get a good nights sleep!
The oranges make yummy cakes. 

Tuesday, June 21


I was lucky enough to spend the weekend sewing with my Besties, unfortunately this doesn't happen often.
This little black dress was too long, the neck was too high and it had funny little capped sleeves.
With some help from said Besties we shortened the dress and cut away the sleeves and lowered the neck.

We bound the neck and sleeve edges, added "dust barts" (bust darts, OK so there was alcohol involved!) and added a pocket for interest.

We added a triangle and a few buttons.
Now I have a fabulous LBD.

Monday, June 20

Sunday, June 19

Sunday Lunch

Lamb Shank Pie, roasted vegies, sunshine and Best Friends.

Thursday, June 16


All the yummy wool makes snuggly granny squares.

Wednesday, June 15


Bright colours always make me feel happy.

Thursday, June 9


Cold and wet.

Monday, June 6

Flea Market Finds

There wasn't really anything on my list this week but I can never walk past an oppie just in case.
These pretty glasses caught my eye and hopefully they will encourage me to drink more, dare I say it, water.
I am a coffee and tea drinker and I'm sure there are days when I don't even have a mouth full of water. 
Pop over to Sophie's for more finds of the week and happy hunting for the coming week.

Wednesday, June 1

It's the last rose and the first day of winter.