Tuesday, August 31


I'm currently having a "love affair" with Raymond Chandler.
His first published novel was in 1939 but they are timless.
I purchased The Big Sleep the other day and the young girl said "Oh my mum reads him!" Thankyou for making me feel just that bit older!

Sunday, August 29

Getting closer

Yes finally spring is getting closer.
Our apricot tree is about to burst into flower, yippeeeeee

Thursday, August 26


Another year and a week older!
Of course birthdays should be celebrated for at least a month before and a month after, it's a rule.

Sunday, August 15


Finally some sunshine today and time to play in the garden.

Thursday, August 12

When it only happens once a year you just need to see as much of SALA as you can.

Beautiful paper cuts from this lovely young lady.

Fabulous work from fibre artist Sandy Elverd.
The skulls are woven and stitched from kangaroo grass.

There are some very talented artists out there and thanks to SALA we get a small taste of this talent.   

Sunday, August 8


Samantha Bell's sea urchins.

The Weekend

I have just returned from a weekend in the Barossa Valley with my Bestie.
It's so pretty over there at present.

We trundled around the country side visiting SALA exhibitions.

These are a few of Sue's amazing pieces.

This year there are over 3000 artists exhibiting during SALA, it's a wonderful event and a great chance to see some brilliant art.  

Thank you for a wonderful weekend full of laughter, food and art.