Friday, August 31

Funky Friday

The last day of winter and to celebrate we dressed our brightest.

Thursday, August 30


My 81 year old neighbour dropped this off this evening!
Yummy old fashioned apple pudding and custard, just like mum used to make.

Sunday, August 26

Saturday, August 25


Joining in with "Thrift-a-Long".
The oppies didn't have much to offer this week but I did score a tea pot and a woolen skirt.
I'm going to try and felt the skirt.

Wednesday, August 22

See ...

if you were just a little more patient and washed them again and again they would felt!
Just like mum used to make! 

Tuesday, August 21


Have you ever tried felting woolen jumpers?
How hard could it be even my mother could do it and she never even meant to!
Last week I purchased 2 woolen jumpers from the opie, popped them in the hot washing machine, twice, then into the hot tumble dryer and all that was achieved were 2 very clean jumpers!
The labels read pure wool and wool and even had the wool symbol.
Back the opie went the jumpers and another 2 came home, more hot washing I even had them in the sink with boiling water and good whack from the wooden spoon.
Yes they are slightly smaller but no where near as small as my mother used to make them!
Next thought, boil them on the stove top, yes witches and cauldrons spring to mind!
Suddenly Sue was on the phone, totally unrelated matter but I think I should wear my aluminum hat again, she had been though all of the above and the best advice she gave me was to buy the woolen jumpers that say "dry clean only".  Must remember to take my glasses with me in future.

Monday, August 20

I love it when op shop wishes come true, sadly they usually take a few weeks around here!

Guess what I'm going to try and make.

Sunday, August 19


JaM - Where would I be without You?!

A beautiful setting for Sue's SALA exhibition.

It was late in the afternoon when I finally got the chance to take a couple of photos.

Although this piece of sculpture is a prop and not part of the exhibition, I love it.

Where would we be without our besties.

Joining Jody and Jam this week.

Sunday Snippets

Joining in with Sunday Snippets

Friday, August 17


Happy Friday, love these wonderful happy colours.
Several of these and a cup of tea right now would be fabulous!

Wednesday, August 15


We have been without internet and phone lines for over a week now but tonight we are back, apparently the pixies have been playing havoc. 

I've been busy in the garden and crocheting and generally mess making!

I've missed not being able to see what's going on in the world but I have survived.

Off to see what everyone else has been up to. 

Friday, August 3

New to Me

Take one grey cardi and a T shirt.

Cut the front off the cardi and stitch it to the back.

Now it has tails. 

Cut the T shirt into strips and sew around the edge of the cardi.
I liked the wrong side of the fabric and edge rolled back nicely.
I added detail with felt circles, fabric and buttons.

I cut the cuff off the cardi mainly because my arms are never that long and added some interest with felt.
You can never have too many cardis in winter.