Monday, May 11

On Moonlight Bay

Saturday night was a full moon, we rugged up and went for a walk. Half way along the jetty we looked back and saw the beautiful moonlight and twinkling lights shining on the water.

Saturday night also saw Miss Lilly "baying" at the moon like a junk yard dog! She has always acted a bit odd with full moons and mice.

She was a rescue cat at age 5 and set in her ways, her demands were short; I don't eat cat food, I don't live outside and I will sleep on your favourite things!

Miss Lilly arrived with us when we were living in Clare (good wine) and when the odd mouse entered her house she would sit on the table until it was removed. Perhaps she is Aunt Mabel reincarnated, she was always a bit odd!

Miss Lilly is now "sweet 16", completely deaf, toothless, a bit dotty and living her twilight years in complete cat luxury. She has moved 3 times with us and has never looked to leave , we must be doing something right!

"Dogs have masters, Cats have slaves!"

Have a great day, Miss Lilly is!


Amanda said...

Hi melissa welcome to blogland. Have added you to my google reader so will be up to date on your happenings.

Rustic Tarts said...

Gorgeous photo from your moonlit walk - and Miss Lilly is a legend. If only we could be more like

Anonymous said...

Hi, Melissa,
Welcome to blogging, and it was great to see you in Wallaroo.
Have you seen the view from the ferry? Absolutely stunning!
Judy B