Thursday, May 14


I love searching through the op shops and antique shops, this weeks hunt has yielded a selection of buttons and this beautiful doily. My friend is studying art at uni and one of her class mates is collecting hand crocheted doilies for her project. Hand crocheted doilies are very hard to find but the interesting thing is how many of us are now "doily hunting".
Back in the late 90's, yes last century, we lived in Byron Bay, NSW, for a while and in a tiny shop next to a yummy bakery, chenille bedspread clothing was sold. The girl told me that women from around the district would source these bedspreads and once a month they would all come together for morning tea, hand over their treasure and discuss the trill of the hunt. I always thought this was a wonderful story of bringing women together.
I still have my now very faded purple chenille jacket and I think the designer was Kat.

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