Wednesday, May 20


I haven't knitted or crocheted for years and I'm enjoying playing with the wool.
What will it be, probably a scarf and a large granny square.
It never ceases to amaze me what is in our heads, as soon as I picked up the wool and the knitting needles it all came back to me. My mum taught me to knit before I started school. At night we would sit in front of the old wood stove, the door open with our feet propped up on it. I remember knitting squares, "pot holders" mum said.
I knitted lots of jumpers during the 80's, even a Jenny Kee design! Pay day would see me rushing into the wool shop, a whole shop just dedicated to knitting.
In primary school I learnt to crochet granny squares. We would all sit around in groups crocheting and swapping wool, during recess and lunch, it was one way to keep warm in winter! Each morning we would compare our squares and see how much we had done the night before, too bad about the home work.
I am spending my evenings surrounded by wool and a grumpy Miss Lilly as she fights for a spot on my lap and tries to avoid being poked with a knitting needle!
Hope you are having cosy evenings,

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Rustic Tarts said...

"Back in our day".......we sound so old, don't we???? I think we would have learnt to knit around the same time, I was 4 when Mum taught me and you're right, it just comes back to you when you have the needles in your hand! And the colours you have in your basket are exactly what I would have