Sunday, May 17

Maypoles and Quilts

The Kernewek Lowender is week long biannual festival celebrated with events, exhibitions and cornish pasties.
The local school children dress up and take part in Maypoles, furry dancing and street parades.
At the Golden Harvest Quilt exhibition I ran into Judy a fellow crafter and quilter. Although she now resides in the south east of SA she returns for events on the Yorke Peninsular. Judy has a great sense of humour, her "family tree", pictured.


Rustic Tarts said...

And were you all dressed up too?

I was going to ask what the pompoms on the family tree represented but I think I've worked it out - gum blossoms.

Anonymous said...

Now I didn't think of that! It was just a way to use up some preknitted yarn which had been in the cupboard for years,
And no, Melissa wasn't all dressed up when I saw her, but I was!
Judy B