Saturday, May 30


A smile costs nothing but gives so much.
Pansy faces make me smile

Watching wood pigeons gathering in the park and the boys flirting with the girls.

My day job sometimes takes me to far off and interesting places - not really but it's nice to dream. This week I headed about 100kms north to Clare, it was 3 degrees when I arrived but this time of year it always looks beautiful. There are so many trees and most are deciduous. The street sweeper had been along piling the leaves in the gutter and I couldn't resist the urge to do a little kick into the leaves. Yes I know very childish, but it made me smile. A couple of leaves made the journey home with me.

I'm sure Lilly is smiling as she dreams of tropical islands full of personal slaves.

Christina has been knitting exciting things again and it took me a while to work this one out. Yes another big smile.

Keep smiling


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