Tuesday, January 24


Joining in this weeks JAM, whatcha got.
Adding to collections, I collect lots of things and probably too much but I love Johnson Bros Dream Town.
I only have 3 plates of various sizes so far you don't see it very often.
 I was delighted to find this plate in the oppie the other day for $2.  


Enchanted Moments said...

Well done, bet you were pleased...I am just starting collecting the blue dinnersets, anything in the Lupin, Celeste and Johnson Bros.
Cant wait to have enough so we can all eat off of it...

Jody Pearl said...

Beautiful - I love old Johnson Bros. plates however never seen this one before.

Thanks for joining in Melissa.

Jackie Proctor said...

Gorgeous plate, I haven't seen any like that before.

Pam said...

Hi Melissa. I haven't visited for a while!
Do you know, I used to have some of these plates. Got them from my grandmother if I remember correctly. But once many years ago when we moved house, a couple were broken when my dh knocked them off whatever they were sitting on at the time! I so loved them, but now I have no idea where the remainder have gotten to! Your pic made me start wondering about them again. How could I have forgotten all about them?! I had one the same as yours and a couple of dessert dishes and a few other bits.
I know, you'll be thinking "Sacrilege!!!!"
Might have to go searching now. :)