Tuesday, January 10


This weeks Just a Moment meme is all about sewing, the machine and the space.

I have a small space but at least I can leave my machine and treasure set up all the time, I know if I didn't I would never sew.
Last year my singer of 28 years just wore out, I had purchased it new in Darwin and it had travelled far and wide with me. The poor machine had sewed so much the parts were completely worn out and the only way it would live to fight another day would be to find that exact same machine and use the parts, yes there were tears.

I rallied, finally and bought a Janome middle of the range and after a few tense moments we are great pals.

I know my sewing table looks a mess but it is organised sort of, I know exactly where everything is.

The pile of spots and stripes on the table is a stripey longish top, which needs a little help, I'm thinking about adding a pocket and some embellishment.

Pop over to Jody's and see who sews with what.


Jody Pearl said...

You've created a very cosy space with everything at your fingertips - nice to see where your PoC's are made.

I'm intrigued though with the 'wire cutters' next to the scissors?

Thanks for joining in Melissa. x

Jackie said...

Your sewing space looks very organised. I do know how you feel when your machine died, I was the same when mine stopped working too.

Andrea said...

What a great space to work/play in,not messy at all! i have a Janome too(2nd one) and find them reliable and easy to use.Love the spots.

H said...

I know all about organised "mess" too. I'm waiting on my overlocker to finally break something and then that will be the end. I have had it for 24 years now. Enjoy your sewing.