Tuesday, December 28

Summer Daze

Today was beach day, it was that sort of weather and for once not blowing a gale.
There were the usual sights, family gatherings, beach cricket, skim boarding, skiing, sand castles but these 3 tractors lined up were a bit out of left field.
If you live further south on the peninsula then tractors are the norm for boat launching as not many towns have boat ramps but we do. 
Perhaps they were the three wise tractors left over from Christmas.


Enchanted Moments said...

Call the cops, I think they are going to have an illegal drag race on the beach........
Enjoy the beach, :( we wont be over Port Vincent these holidays again...wanted to, but didn't get the beach house.....x

sue said...

I bet heaps of parents had a job to keep their kids from playing on these! Beach + happy if you ask me!