Monday, December 6

After the Party

"And I ache in the places that I used to play!"
Leonard Cohen

Well I'm not sure how many clothes lines look like this today but I had to wash everything from yesterday, eeing so wet and today so hot if I left them I'm sure there would be some weird chemistry experiment going on in the plastic tubs!

Our invite to Art @ The Hart arrived the day before we flew to Melbourne so there wasn't much time to prepare.
I had hoped to decontruct some clothes but with the limited time frame I only really managed to embellish some cardies. I was really pleased with the finished result and more important it was great fun to do.

With our continued theme of recycling, we covered our own coat hangers and made magazine paper bags.
I think a nap may be in order now! 


Rustic Tarts said...

Your clothesline looked very pretty and I bet there wasnt another one like that in your town!
The cardy looked fabulous - I was there when the lady tried it on - I hope she came back and bought a necklace to go with it.

sue said...

you def deserve a nap -all that hard work and washing to boot! Thanks for sharing the week-end!