Friday, October 2

Life in a Paddock!

I've had a wonderful time with my best pal Sue at the Field Days, a week in a tin shed!
The weather was fairly kind to us, cold, hot and freezing but at least it didn't rain.
The word "oversize" just keep popping up every where and I am sure there were lots of happy farmers out there who got to see all this big shiny machinery.
It was lovely to see Kirsty whom I haven't seen for ages and we are going to try to catch up before too long!
It was great to chat with people who we only see every 2 years at this event.
Thank you to everyone who stopped by to say "Hello" and make a purchase.
Have a wonderful weekend, I think I could sleep for a week!


sue said...

It seems like a dream now - still have tired feet though to prove it really happened! Thanks again dearie - you're the best!!

Anonymous said...

So where were you whn I was there? I was looking out for you and even picked out the site I thought you would be on!
Ah well, see you in two years time!
Judy B